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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Still Going

The drama that JD went through is still going on. And now tonight I found out JD Fortune even made Perez Hilton's gossip site. Oh my GOD! That's pretty bad! I'm shocked that The Star Celeb hadn't picked up on this yet. I know these ladies read my blog. Come on! Anyway, one commenter on Perez's site said that she worked the band's show back in 2006 and she heard them talk about letting JD go because of his excessive coke habit. I don't mean the drink Coke either! But it still seems odd that nothing has been mentioned about it on inxs.com! Maybe he really hasn't been released and the guys just want him to get clean before the next tour. Or the next album, whichever comes first.

I still cannot help thinking that perhaps INXS should have listened to their fans. A lot of people have said they never liked JD to begin with. I know I didn't when the series Rockstar: INXS was going. That whole time I hoped he wouldn't win. But I love INXS, and I respected the guys' decision, and I saw a few concerts and indeed, JD has talent! I thought he performed really well. I still like JD. He was good to me when we met! But I cannot help but think the men of INXS need better instincts. I love these guys, but their instincts SUCK!!! I have impeccable instincts and I predicted JD wasn't right for them. As a soloist, JD would be perfect!! As a family-oriented team-player, no. He is no good at that! He loves his family, I have no doubts about that. But he just is not a team-player. One thing I will always remember about the voting. There were people who voted for JD just because they liked him out of all the rockers. There were those who said "He's had a hard life living in his car and all. Let's give him a break and vote for him." Then there was the Canadians that voted for JD just because he was Canadian himself. Me, I was the different one in the group. I voted for whose ever performance was the best that night. I had my favorites indeed. I prefered Marty and Ty as that goes. But there were times when I felt their performances were not up to standard. So I didn't vote for them those weeks. That was how I voted. And those that voted for egotistical reasons, like JD was the pretty-boy or the Canadian guy, I hope they learned their lesson.

So I kinda wonder what happened to that wonderful Honda Civic he won at the end of the series? Did he sell it? Or did he give it to his family? What? But as for all this drama going on, I say now it is either time for JD and INXS to either put up or shut up! Come clean with all of us, because JD is making himself look bad to a lot of people. With all this hype, one would think one of the guys from INXS would have said something by now. But no, nothing. Not a word on their site, nothing. Not a word to the news, or Entertainment Tonight. Nothing. Why leave your fans hanging like this? It was our money that was spent on the concerts, the media, the voting, etc, I want to know exactly WHAT is going on?

Nothing will stop me from loving INXS as I always have, and I want to think there will always be some love for JD inside me as well. But I feel as a loyal fan of nearly 20 years I am at least due a little bit of restitution from INXS.

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