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Monday, February 16, 2009

JD Fortune News!

Well in other news tonight, I found another video illustrating JD's dilemma. This one was sent to me by one of my MySpace buds. JD apparently is living in his car again according to this video. I'm not 100% sure if that is true. I wish to GOD I could help him out. There is an empty apartment above me, and it's not too expensive. But the job market out here SUCKS!!! JD is such a talented man though, and when I met him he was so pleasant. He could no doubt get a nice job at one of the hotels around here. The Shilo Inn is nice and I'm sure they would snap him right up! But he'd have to move out here, and I'm sure he wants to live were his family lives. But just in case he is looking, there is a nice apartment here that is very good, clean, cheap, and cozy. I don't want JD to be homeless and miserable. I would like to see him happy again.

If anyone else wants to help JD out, please visit his website at http://www.thedeathofamotivationalspeaker.com/

I looked in on a group and saw some people saying some pretty bad things about INXS. We don't even know (even they didn't really know) if it's true or not that JD was let go of!! One person even went so far as to say Karma is a bitch and one day it will catch up with them. Another person said that Jon Stevens predicted that INXS will screw JD over like they screwed him over. Well, I hereby want to let the men of INXS know that I will ALWAYS love them! No matter what. Karma may be a bitch, I admit it is, but no matter what, I will forever be loyal to Tim, Jon, Andrew and Garry. Yes, I am even loyal to JD. I actually really came to like the guy! If karma is a bitch to my favorite men, I will be there, ready to hold their hands and take them in. I will be attending as many concerts as I can, and faithfully applauding them no matter how many lead singers they may go through. Why? Because they've always been good to me! Tim was very kind to let me have a photo op with him even though he was very busy. Jon and Andrew gave me special siggies on my album cover and my book. Garry was always sweet and kind to me whenever we've met. And JD was very sweet too, and I loved it when he called me "darlin'". And I don't give a shit what Jon Stevens says! I don't even like that guy! I never did.

Besides, Tim always made me laugh in a good way. Whenever I felt bad, I would pop my INXS videos in and I loved looking at Tim's face, hearing his accent and listening to his cute quips!! He always made me feel better. I know he never knew about all this, and maybe even it wasn't intentional. But the fact of the matter is, it did happen that way on several occasions. For that reason alone, I am forever loyal to him. I just want him to know that!

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