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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Looming Sadness

Well, the drama of JD Fortune continues. One person on this one group said that INXS probably let JD go because of his boozing habits and smoking pot. I made a comment that if that is indeed true, then it is all JD's own fault. As much as I adored JD, it is his own fault! Not the fault of INXS. But people continue to bad-mouth INXS, and I noticed one of my online buds, who've always supported JD Fortune, has decided she doesn't like him anymore and lost a lot of people she thought were friends. I felt bad for her! After I announced on inxs.com that I do not like Kirk Pengilly anymore, I lost a lot of people who I thought at the least were online buds. But having been through similar episodes many times before, I can tell you that I predicted that would happen before I ever even announced it publicly. It doesn't bother me, in an exponent like that, you find out who your real friends and the genuine people really are. The people who never liked you in the first place will drop you like a hot potato, even in the midst of what would seem to be a wonderful friendship. But the genuine people, who truly liked you for WHO you are, will not care that you choose not to support that band member. I like this girl a lot! She never did anything bad to me. I hate to see her losing friends just because she chooses not to support JD anymore. I want her to know now that I won't desert her just because she doesn't like JD anymore. Ultimately, it is HER choice!! NOT someone else's!! I knew that when I decided I didn't like Kirk anymore. No one else can tell you what is really good for you. Only YOU can do that!

Funny thing about this I saw all kinds of people bad-mouthing INXS yesterday, and I could not believe INXS "screwed JD over"! They seemed so happy with him! So I said there had to be another reason why JD got let go of. But I personally was thinking recession. Like I've said on here before, I don't want to buy trouble. Not until we know for sure. But then someone brought up the thing about JD boozing and doing pot and drugs, then I thought back to the days of Rockstar: INXS. I didn't like JD at all then. In fact, I only ever remember voting for him once. That was when he did "Hands" by Alannis Morisette. He sang it better than she did! But then again, I can't stand Alannis Morisette, so that's not really saying much. But I respect INXS's decision, and they chose JD. But I also remember about halfway into the Rockstar series, I made an individual analysis of the remaining rockers. It can be seen in my book titled "How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker", but I predicted back then that JD was not right for INXS. Actually, I thought Mig was better for INXS because he always put his heart and soul in every performance. But Mig did not have the sexual appeal. He looked like a troll, or a cockroach! But JD I felt at first was not right. He's not a team-player. Marty had the sexual appeal, and the team spirit, but I didn't think he was right for INXS either. He was a harder rocker than INXS was used to. But Marty also put all his heart and soul in every performance. He did great with the Lovehammers!

Now, I don't know the future of INXS. Maybe they will all just settle down and not make music anymore. Or maybe they will separate and go with other bands. Or maybe they will go for another season of Rockstar and win themselves another JD. Or maybe they will try finding a new lead singer another way, like advertise through their local newspaper. It's up to them. But if they don't make music anymore, it'd be a shame because these men are very talented! But JD isn't all bad. I have a knack for being able to tell who is all good or all bad, and JD cannot be all bad. A person who holds his family in such high regard, can't be bad at all. That's what I think.

****************EDIT to Add***********************

Here's a video I found about the continuing story of JD Fortune...

I know, it's kinda echoey. I don't know why. It actually sounds like it was filmed with a video camera pointed at a TV screen. But anyway, it's the second half to yesterday's interview with JD Fortune.

As for this friend, she says she may become a Timmy fan instead. I told her welcome to the sisterhood!!

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