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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Octuplet Mom

I have been following this story all week. There is a woman named Nadya Suleman in Los Angeles who went and got pregnant on purpose, even though she is unmarried, has no job and is living with her mom in a small, 3-bedroom home, and she is on welfare. She admits she did all this just to get on welfare. I don't want to pass judgement seeings I don't know the woman, but I must say I think she must be a very selfish person to do this to her mom and to the taxpayers!! Then to openly admit it on the news. I think Dr. Phil was right tonight about that woman being very unstable mentally. I feel bad for her. I know what she is going through because after my Groucho died, I went through the same thing. She needs to put some of those kids up for adoption because those kids need a better life than what she could ever give them.

This is the kind of thing I think we need to write to our congress about. People who go out and get pregnant on purpose just to get the money from welfare should be banned or punished. If she had the kids BEFORE getting on welfare that would have been different. But she admitted to having those kids just so she could get the welfare money, and I find that sickening! The only problem with congress passing a law like that is how many people are actually really going to admit they got pregnant just so they can get on welfare? None really!! In fact, this woman is the only one I've actually seen do that. Now I am not saying people on welfare should not have children, a lot of poor kids grow up to contribute a great deal to the World. Look at Bill Gates. Well, I know his family were struggling, I don't know if they were on welfare. But anyway, people who are being supported by the government should not be having kids, and especially not 8 at once with 6 small kids already underfoot!

And what this is all doing to the girl's mother is also crazy, stupid and selfish! I would NEVER ask my ma to support me along with 14 kids! I stopped getting help from my parents when I was 20. Since then, none of my parents have ever bought me groceries, never paid my rent, never paid my household bills, and I would never ask them to. Occasionally I may have asked them for help now and then, but I always gave them that money back whenever I got paid. This woman's mom needs to figure how much her daughter owes her for children's clothing, food, rent and extra heating and electricity each month, keep a record and when the daughter graduates and starts working, hand her the bill and tell her that she owes her that much and make her pay it. Only then will she see how tough it is to raise kids, and how expensive it is. That is why I never had children. The cost is too much! I pay out the ears for my little dogs, and that is enough! They are a lot more fun and a lot less noisy than children (and a lot less disgusting---kids tend to pick their noses, touch parts of other peoples' bodies that should be left alone, and in general are usually crude to each other).

But then looking at the young woman's point of view, the media has been unkind too. But I am sure she saw this coming (I hope) before going public. While I do agree she should be sterilized, and some of those kids should be put up for adoption, and this is a very selfish act she has committed, and she doesn't seem to know what she is doing, she should not be getting death threats!!! I don't agree with that! This is a woman who needs help obviously. So sterilize her, adopt out some of her children, and send her to rehab! But don't make death threats! That's stupid!! I'm personally just giving my views on this subject. I think the Chinese had the right idea, put a limit on the number of children a family can have and make that a LAW! Like a single mom should only be allowed no more than 2 children. After that number, it should be mandatory that she be sterilized so she can have no more. And if they are on welfare before having children, that number should be reduced.
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