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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh No!

What happened? One of my online buds told me that she saw an article that may just prove that it is all over for INXS. Like maybe they really are retiring. I heard about it before, but I didn't think it was true. For instance, Kirk's girlfriend and now fiance Layne referred to Kirk as a "retired musician". I thought at first maybe it was just a little slip of the tongue. Like maybe he is retired for now, but later will get back in the game. But then this online buddy of mine said that she saw an article that sounded like the days of INXS will be over. No more tours, no more albums, no nothing! I don't enjoy any other band as much as I do INXS on stage. And the men of INXS are so handsome and so sweet. Well, all except Kirk. But I always enjoyed meeting Tim and the others. Anyway, I hope it's not true! This friend said that she saw the article, and if she sees it again, she will send it to me. I will keep you posted.

I never thought that INXS getting JD would mean the end of the band. I'm not blaming JD at all. He did great! But I guess I can partially blame the Hutch-fans for this. Not the ones I consider friends, but the ones who down on JD and say he is not as talented as Michael was. Those people probably never seen JD perform before!! I have, and he was just as good as Michael was! I've seen both perform live. The only thing I don't like JD singing is "By My Side". It's a good song! I love it! JD can sing it good up until the end when the song goes "Yes I wish you were by...my...siiiiiiiiiiiide" JD drives me NUTS in how he sings that last word at too high of a pitch. Michael didn't sing it like that! That's the only song though that Michael could sing better than JD. All the other songs, you can't really tell the difference. INXS taught him well! But I am afraid their last album didn't go over very well in reviews and stuff. Personally, I say who cares about reviews? I never listen to them because I like to choose who and what I like.

Well, Katrina called last night and told me she will be coming over sometime this month with the hubby and kids. I cannot wait to see her latest baby! But she said she wants to go roller-skating. I haven't been on roller skates in years! And I have never tried these in-line skates. I was always afraid to. I used to be good at skating until the manufacturers started only making in-line skates. They looked too much like ice skates, so they scared me a lot! I absolutely cannot ice skate! Anyone who has seen the movie Bambi, if you remember the scene where Bambi was on the ice and could not stay up, that is how I've always been on ice skates! I used to could ski though! I used to like it. But I always enjoyed innertubing in the snow more. But Katrina always loved to roller skate, and she wants to go, so I have to take her. IF the ring is open!! Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. It was last weekend.
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