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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PETA Connections With the KKK?

Oh my, PETA has gone over the line in their campaigns before, they have yet to disappoint me with their level of stupidity!! Now I heard they were in NYC at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show dressed as KKK members. I find that highly offensive! The KKK stands for negativity, and so does PETA, and they do NOT help the cause of animals by doing stupid stunts like that! They said that they were against the AKC promoting purebreed dogs because they claim it's unhealthy to breed purebreed dogs. Once again, I find something that PETA and I disagree with! Of course that isn't new, I disagree with just about everything PETA stands for! I like purebreed dogs, I prefer them over mixed breeds. With mixed breeds, you never know what you're going to get. With purebreeds, there is no question. Besides most of today's mixed breeds are ugly. They're all either mixed on purpose with poodle or labrador or some other 2-bit breed. Besides, most breeders today are breeding very healthy pure breeds. As usual, PETA is full of information that has no sanction. Just assumption.

I may have bad-mouthed show breeders in the past, but that didn't mean that I didn't think they knew what they were doing when they breed their dogs. More than anything it was their personality I found disagreeable, not their breeding ethics. Though I do find their people skills rather questionable too. I still say it's safer to buy from pet stores!! Until there is some kind of class to send show breeders to where they can learn to treat people with respect and kindness, I'll continue searching the pet stores!! I've been in good luck with them so far! Well, I've since forgiven the show breeders who've done me wrong. I even looked and saw that there was an old sussex spaniel that took 1st place at Westminster tonight. Not to offend the sussex spaniel people out there, but that just isn't my breed. I don't care for them. But I do think it's cool when a breed that has never won like that finally wins big. And an old dog at that, he was 10 years old! I liked it when Kirby won at Westminster, and such a lovely animal he was!! I grew up with a papillon, I like them a lot! I was one of few people back then that owned one! He came to us out of pure luck. We got him from someone who was a breeder and their dog had an oops litter, and she didn't know who the father was. She didn't want to register them apparently, so she gave Andy and his sister away. They were the only 2 pups in the litter. This was back when paps were still kinda under the shadows of the more popular breeds. I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and I never regretted it.

Anyway, PETA just never seems to draw the line anywhere. There they were at Westminster taking up a booth and passing out more of their stupid fliers full of more of their BS urging people not to buy or breed AKC registered dogs! Sometimes I just want to give PETA a good slap in the face!! They are so stupid! Anyone who agrees with or supports PETA is stupid!! Enough said there! I say don't listen to people who talk out their asses as PETA does! If you enjoy purebreed dogs as I do, then by all means, go out and get one!! But the thing I hate most about PETA is that they force their beliefs on others, and I'm the type that the harder someone tries to force their beliefs on me, the more I will just push away and keep going with my own beliefs. They're always doing these stupid campaigns that give animal lovers such as me a bad name!! I really wish I could say I will wash my hands completely of PETA, but that won't happen soon. As long as PETA continues to do stupid promotions like this, I'll always have something to say about them. If you want to summarize the stupidest promotions PETA has done, check these out:

Calling fish "sea kittens" and trying to get everyone and everything associated with fish to do the same.

How about PETA getting Ben and Jerry's to stop using cow milk and start using human breast milk instead!

Forcing veganism on others. I once subscribed to their stupid magazine, of course it was by accident. But that was how I learned about their idiocy.

Picketing KFC and other fast food restaurants to ban the sale of burgers and fried chicken.

Halting the migration of Mexicans into the USA because they said that Mexicans will be leaving behind beans and rice, as if Mexicans do not even eat meat. Believe me, Mexicans EAT MEAT!! A lot of meat!!! I should know.

Taking advantage of the death of one bus rider in Canada who was killed and eaten by another bus rider, saying that if those people hadn't been meat-eaters that would never have happened. Hello? A lot of psychos are vegetarians!!! In fact, more criminals are vegetarians now than meat-eaters. Almost as if their bodies are going crazy craving something.....meat!!! BWAH!!

I don't enjoy going to PETA's website, but if I wanted to find more of these moronic campaigns I'd have to go there and find it and I'm not up to it now. I have a big enough headache now as it is.

Here is the article anyway: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090209/ap_on_sp_ot/dog_show_peta_protest_1
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