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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Questions Answered

As any readers to this blog now knows, I have been following the JD drama all week. It has taken me through periods of happiness, sadness, anxiety, frustration, even rage. But today JD did an interview with a Canadian radio station and revealed all. He did seem to contradict a lot of what he told Entertainment Tonight. Either that, or a lot of what he said was indeed seriously edited. If the latter is true, I would sue ET. This has caused JD a lot of public humiliation and a lot of people who once supported JD have decided they didn't want anything to do with him anymore. I really didn't want to say anything, because I didn't want to buy any trouble. But over the past week, I've heard what seemed to be one rumor after another, and nothing official from INXS. I figured JD told his side of the story, and I was hoping INXS would tell their's. Last night, I was reading this group and I saw one person say that INXS won't be bullied into saying anything. I responded saying I don't think anyone is trying to "bully" INXS, I think the fans just want to hear their side of the story. As the saying goes, there's always 2 sides to each story. I was just waiting for the day to come when INXS would share their side, what with all the rumors and stuff going around.

I will always feel I was right about JD not being good enough for their band. Sorry, I cannot change what I always have felt. The man is very talented, yes. He sang INXS songs every bit as good as Michael did. But he was never really a team-player. INXS should have done Rockstar: INXS back when they were still kinda young. I think because they are older now, JD is becoming more of a handful for them. Anyway, one of my online buds sent me the radio show, and I thought I would share here.

JD Fortune Virgin Radio Interview Feb.19.09.mp3
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