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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Suspect Found Who Started Wildfires

Well, the scum was caught. He may just be one person who set one of the hundreds of fires according to this article. It was a 39-year-old man. Imagine that! People these days just seem to be getting worse and worse. But anyway, I'm glad someone was caught. I mean that was terrible. The fires spread and killed more than 190 people. I'm just so glad that no one I know was taken by them. Though I am not saying I don't feel bad for those who were taken. It's a very sad thing. 190 is a lot of people! I've been trying to keep up with the news about this, because I do have friends and buddies in Australia. I wonder if there is some way I can help them out? I'd like to do something. Well anyway, here is the article:


In other news, I got the link to the video about JD Fortune and he looked sad. It mentions that INXS has lost some of it's luster for JD. There is a second half to the video, which I am still waiting for (the person who sent this to me is also still waiting). I'm not sure if that means everything is all over between INXS and JD. I really don't want to buy trouble or fall into the abyss of rumors, so I really do not want to say anything yet. I'm just scared to death that INXS is indeed a done deal. But why hasn't anything been said before this? There have been 3 chats with the band members, and nothing was said about the band breaking up. The closest was when Tim said that he didn't know when they were going to make another album because they didn't want to go touring just yet. I understood that because they had just gotten over a 2-year tour. I figured he and the rest of the band were taking a well-earned hiatus. At least for 2 years. It also makes me wonder, why on Earth go through the trouble of doing Rockstar: INXS and get everybody's hopes up when you had no plans to really keep JD? It doesn't add up!

Well, I felt bad for JD in this video, he was crying. I hated to see that. I wish there was one way I could help. Geez, I've been in a helping mood today! LOL! But JD looking as sad as he did in this video just breaks my heart! Ya know I hate to even think this, but I kinda wonder if I am responsible. I know that sounds silly, but I bad-mouthed Kirk pretty badly last year, and there is a pretty good chance the guys may have seen the posts. I know everyone says that couldn't have been him who posted on my blog last summer! I've established that! Although now I really do kinda wonder who that was!? LOL! I am very sorry for the things I said about Kirk, I didn't mean to hurt his feelings that bad. Well, in a way, yes I did! But, I've since gotten over all that I had accused him of and forgiven him. It's the new leaf I've turned over, thank Metalraptor for that.

Viergacht thinks Metalraptor, Katrina and I are all the same person. LOL! I wonder in whose body are we all in? LOL! Mine is definately big enough for all three of us. I only wish it was true!! Metalraptor is smart as a whip! So is Katrina. I have what one may refer to as "subjective intelligence", LOL! Metalraptor knows more about Palaeontology than I ever have. I absolutely SUCK at palaeontology!! And I think I've proven that more than once on the SE forum. Metalraptor has told me about creatures from the past that I had no idea at all about. Katrina has a high-paying job and makes in one day what I do in a month!! And she is not about to get laid off. They love her so much there, and she is already pretty high up in the company. Metalraptor is heading that way too if he can build up his confidence. Me, I'm just me. But yeah, I truly wish Viergacht's claims were true!! I'd be set for life! Viergacht banned Katrina from his blog because she told him like it was! I found that funny. This was the same man who said on my blog that he didn't expect me to accept his comment. Katrina said Viergacht's "sarcasm" was more like "blowcasm".

Anyway, here's the JD video. Katrina would like this as she really loves JD Fortune!

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