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Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Question Needs An Answer

I was checking some resources e-mailed to me, and one of my friends came upon this post on LiveJournal where someone was griping about me. This person created a fantasy world full of centaurs, trolls and other mythical animals, and another friend told me about it, but didn't tell me (because he himself didn't know) that the project was supposed to be a fantasy world. Well, this person (who calls himself Viergacht) has been griping about me all day. Him and about 7 of his friends. One of my friends found this post and e-mailed it to me.

Well, one person made a comment on the post and I have to answer it. Without any roasting (because I already apologized to Viergacht this morning for saying the things I did after I realized I was wrong) I wanted to let this person know something.

This is a comment from someone calling themself Wapsie:

I think she might be psychologically disturbed:http://www.unclemartinandthegang.com/uncle_martin/details.php?id=85&offset=0How else to explain taking your masturbatory blog that nobody ever read, printing its posts it out to make a "book" that is "published" by your very own "publishing company", and charging 35 freakin' bucks for it? Now that's some powerful pathological narcissism, there.

Words spoken from someone who does not know me at all, and obviously never read that blog. That link leads to a book titled "How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker", and he thinks no one ever read the blog and that I am crazy to charge $35 for it. Well, maybe so, but there is a reason the price is so high. It was very sought-after!! Ask Catsredrum and Netrage. They wanted to read that blog so bad, they were willing to sneak people in there after I made it private to copy and paste it onto their forum. So I said if it's such a popular blog, I wanted to publish it, but if Catsredrum and Netrage were going to get it, they were going to pay dear for it. So that is why I charge $35 for that book.

Well, this was Viergacht's response:

Wow . . . delusions of grandeur? Seeing that almost makes me feel bad for mocking her. Almost. Not quite.

My response is: Oh! Don't feel bad hunny! I'm tougher than you will ever know! Neither you nor your friends have said anything I ain't never heard before. Like you said on your forum, if you were someone I know and respect, my feelings might have been hurt. But you're not, so it doesn't bother me. But obviously I bothered him more than he is letting on in his journals!!
This is another quote from that same post:

She, on the other hand, has taken her obsessions waaaaaaaaaay into the creepy zone.

Keep in mind, I do not know this guy, never have I spoken to him, and only made ONE post about him on ONE journal, until I got this e-mail from a friend, and felt that first comment needed a response. Seems he is the obsessed one by posting about me on 2 different journals, and the SE forum.

I already made my apologies though, and have forgiven him. So I will not carry this any further. So from now on, any displays of obsession are on his head. Not mine. And that is not narcissism. That's honesty! I think you will find I am always honest no matter what. It is a cross I must bear. The inexperienced may think that is narcissism, but I'm just doing what I am programmed by nature and my parents to do. And Viergacht, before you go on making statements about someone you don't know and could spend the next 100 years trying to understand, I am too complex of a person for you hunny. You were the one who thought I would reject your comment this morning because you said I struck you as the type who deletes comments that don't prop up my ego. Well, maybe that's what you would have done if you were in my place. But not me. Believe me, I've been insulted worse by people who know far more about me than you ever will. Viergacht is the main reason why I never get chummy with people right away. Metalraptor tried being nice to him, and he just completely ignored him. Whereas I always answer all my fan mail.

Well, one might think this would put a damper on my efforts to change. But no. I am still working on it. I didn't think it was going to happen overnight. If Viergacht does keep this up and does not leave me alone, I'm going to have to do with him what I did with the delusional mods. Believe me, he won't like it!! He's obviously not as tough as I am and I can get really nasty!! He ain't seen NOTHING yet! I can make posts about him that would make the one I made about him before look like it came from a children's story. But I will back off now and give him and his friends a chance to do the same. The apology is up, I have forgiven him, and have for hours now. It's all up to him now.
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