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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Video Blogging

This is something like what my video logs would be like...

This is a video I've known about for years, it features the comedian Dane Cook talking about experiences working at Burger King. I'm not sure if this guy has ever thought about going into movies, but he is funny sometimes. This is just one example of the funny things this guy says. I like this video too. This is how I would do my video logging, because I mean really, who wants to see me just sitting in an easy chair talking about the problems and solutions of this World? That'd be BORING!!! And let's face it, I'm not Cameron Diaz!!! I'm a wishy-washy, ugly old hag! So images like these would be more interesting to see on the screen.

Anyway, this guy is funny! And I know I can do something like this, even add video in between still pictures to sort of illustrate what I am talking about. Even put music in the background.

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