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Friday, February 13, 2009

Viergacht Update

Well, according to Metalraptor, Viergacht doesn't buy our apologies. But that is OK, because I found out about this post he made on the SE forum when Canis Lupus told him we apologized:

"Not buying it. I have an autsim spectrum disorder, and I don't accept that as an excuse."

FTR, I never used autism myself as an excuse, or ANYTHING as an excuse. I don't have autism and I never claimed to have any other disorders. I was just wrong in what I said and I admitted it. But he is using autism as an excuse. Whether he realizes it or not. But since he admitted it himself, he is indeed a sick person and needs help. And I said I hope he gets it. I am not angry at him at all. I cannot bring myself to get angry at someone who cannot help how they behave. But I did retract my apology to him, and so did Metalraptor. Really, I didn't give a shit if he would have accepted my apology or not! I really only did it to clear my conscience. When I am wrong, I am wrong, simple as that! Then I quoted this to Metalraptor:

"It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. - P. G. Wodehouse"

I saw that quote a long time ago and I posted it on here, and to use his own words, Viergacht struck me as the kind of person who would take a mean advantage of it. But unlike him, my instincts are razor-sharp. I detected he was that type of person from the beginning. I hadn't even met him! All I knew about him was what Metalraptor told me about him, and I could instantly tell Viergacht was that kind of person. He did tell me in the beginning, Viergacht was bashing my project along with JohnFaa. That was before ANYTHING on my part. So in essence, whether he likes to admit it or not, Viergacht started this himself by siding up with JohnFaa and bashing my project. But I say let him go on and shit his pants over me. LOL!

Another thing I found out today, Metalraptor is younger than JohnFaa! JohnFaa is 16 years old! I would never have guessed Metalraptor was younger! If that's true, Metalraptor is the real genius in this group!! Metalraptor, you sure are a complex person!
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