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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Viva La Portuguese Water Dog!!

Obama made up his mind about what kind of dog he will be getting for his children. I'm happy to announce it is a Portuguese water dog! I'm glad! I'm glad he chose a water dog over the other choice, a labradoo, which is nothing but a glorified mongrel thought by some to be a true "breed", when it's not. I think Obama made a wise choice to take the Portuguese water dog. The last thing that labradors and poodles need is the publicity of a mongrelized version of themselves by a popular politician like Obama. Now, all Obama fans will be seeking themselves a Portuguese water dog! That's how people are! But for a long time, I knew it came down to a choice between the mongrel and the Portuguese water dog and I was worried nearly sick that they would choose the mongrel! But I am so glad to see they didn't. Then everyone would have been looking for mongrels like labradoos! Eventually that would cause the extinction of labradors and standard poodles, and that is not good!

Face it, where dogs are concerned, we live in an uneducated World!! People go for what is popular on television, not what they should be getting! People now are even preferring the deer-head chihuahuas, or so-called "teacup" chihuahuas. But what is popular is not what counts. What counts is the kind of people breeding these dogs. No reputable breeder would breed deerheads or call smaller chihuahuas "teacup". It's a sad fact, but it's true. I'm not saying that people who buy these varieties are stupid people, I'm just saying that they have not really been educated in what to look for in a breeder. I have a friend who bought what they called a "teacup" chihuahua. When asked if my dog is a "teacup", I replied that there is no such thing as a "teacup" chihuahua. I thought this friend might as well know the truth. But their dog was adorable! I just didn't want this person to think "teacup" is a special or different thing, as I am sure that is what the dogs' breeder told them. I told this friend that my chihuahuas are on the smaller side, but I don't call them "teacups". I was nice about it, but I'm afraid I made this friend angry anyway. But I had to tell this friend the truth! I just haven't heard from them in a while, and that conversation has pissed people off before who wanted to believe "teacups" are special breeds, separate from other chihuahuas. The only separation in chihuahuas is the coat type. Not size or even head type. Though I must say the deerheads appear too mongrelized to me. If chihuahuas really looked like that, I wouldn't have any interest at all in the breed. And all deerhead-type chihuahuas I've seen were bred by breeders I wouldn't give the time of day to! They all either register with ACA, Continental KC or APRI. It is good that AKC is cracking down hard on breeders, and DNA testing! That way you know who the conscientious breeders are.

I do hope that Obama also makes the right choice when picking out a PWD puppy for his children. Or maybe he will go for an older dog. But according to the AKC, Portuguese water dogs are very active and need to receive lots of attention. But that's typical of all gun dogs. I know how some kids are, they love something when they first get it, they promise to take care of it and love it, then when the "new" wears off, they forget all about them. I hope that doesn't happen! If it does, Obama may think again about next time getting a smaller breed because the Portuguese water dog is going to entertain it's self and the present owners of the White House are not going to like the way it does!! I used to raise Australian shepherds, an equally as active breed, I know what I am saying! I cannot tell you how many sofas I've had to replace, how many coushins, how many holes were dug in the yard, how many walls have had to be rapaired because I was working and raising these dogs, and any pups left alone found ways to entertain themselves. Sure I took my dogs hiking on the weekends, but that was on the weekend! I had work during the week!

I can see a lot of people are enjoying Obama's run so far. But I've seen enough presidents to know that this is how it always starts out! Sure, Obama has been fast to react to everything. He seems to be genuinely interested in fixing the problems of the country. This is how it always begins. Clinton began this way, and so did Bush. Then later in their terms, people were getting sick of them, because they made promises and didn't keep them. We will still see.
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