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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Chris Murphy Says

I was visiting another site and someone mentioned this article from an Aussie newspaper. I found it and read it, INXS are horrified by what JD said on ET Canada. But one should keep in mind, ET tends to exaggerate to make their stories interesting, and a lot of what JD said was probably edited. I wish INXS had kept that in mind. But they will probably not want anything to do with JD again after that. Murphy was thinking of calling JD back for the making of another album this year. Bummer!!!


Chris Murphy says INXS did not dump JD Fortune at airport
By Sydney Confidential
The Daily Telegraph
February 23, 2009 12:00am

INXS has hit back at claims that they unceremoniously dumped their former singer JD Fortune from the band in the middle of a busy airport.

INXS creative director and global business strategist, Chris Murphy, said yesterday that the band was horrified by comments made by Fortune that he was dropped by the band at Hong Kong airport.

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"Not only are we shocked by the claims, even the place the supposed incident was to have taken place is a mystery to the band," Murphy said.

The former lead singer of the band told Canada's Entertainment Tonight last week that he was now broke and living in a car after losing his job with the band he had travelled for 23 months.

JD Fortune's side - How INXS dropped me

"What annoys me the most after viewing Fortune's interview is the bloody slant he makes toward the founding band members," Murphy added.

"These guys are the nicest people on this planet, they are not the people he portrays."

Fortune was the latest singer to join INXS, filling the enormous void left by the death of Michael Hutchence in a Sydney hotel in 1997.

Murphy said the other band members - Andrew Farris, Jon Farris, Tim Farris, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Beers - had made it known to him that they had not ruled out seeing a return by Fortune.

"The band have always stated to me that Fortune's services could potentially be contracted again when INXS next tour.

"In fact he was next on my list to call regarding a very big recording project I am putting together for INXS at present.

"I guess I have no reason to call him now."

Murphy also heads Petrol records, who signed INXS last December.

Fortune, a Canadian who joined the band in 2005 after winning the Rockstar: INXS Us reality series, also said he abused cocaine while touring with the band.

He said although he had given it up, it partly motivated the band to sack him.
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