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Monday, February 23, 2009

What You Need

Some people prefer to ignore the drama that is surrounding JD and INXS. I heard about the out and out war going on at inxs.com. So I kinda wonder why the mods there are not as sensitive to these rants and attacks at each other on the forum. Now I am not on inxs.com anymore and I'm thinking maybe that is a good thing. Even if I was, I'd probably go in only as a silent member. I don't care for the forums anymore, and I'd prefer to blog here. If I do blog there, it would only be to send INXS a message saying that I will continue to support them.

A lot of JD fans are saying they would not support INXS or go to anymore of their concerts if JD is let go. One person in a private thread I've been following said that INXS needs to forget about all the media hype and sit down with JD 5 to 1 and discuss this like mature gentlemen. I know INXS has it in them to do that. I cannot imagine Timmy at least giving in to what is said in a tabloid program like Entertainment Tonight. It's like reading the Enquirer and taking what they say as the gospel! If INXS do fire JD over that interview, then that is the dumbest thing they can do. They were doing fine. I love INXS, I will be at as many concerts as I can, JD or no JD. But I don't want to see it end like this. They really do need to sit and talk this over with JD. I just hate seeing INXS throw JD away like that, and a lot of other fans on this thread have said that they would not go to anymore INXS concerts without JD because INXS keeps rotating singers. No, this cannot be happening. I love INXS, and like I said all along, I will always support them. I cannot tell this band what to do though, and I cannot expect them to comply, I am only a mere fan. But I don't want to see this turn into a war between INXS and JD to a point where it's like "he said this, he said that, and I don't care about him anymore!" That cannot be true! And I would prefer to see these 5 wonderful, beautiful guys sit and talk with JD than to see them just throw him away only to go with another singer, and another and another and so on. I think those were very wise words, even though I don't know the person who said them. They are the wisest words I've heard spoken since this incident got started.

So to INXS, please if you're reading this in any way, shape or form, PLEASE talk to JD!! Don't give into sensationalism. I know they may not be looking in on this blog, but just in case they are. I've gotta say something. I cannot let them make a final decision to just let JD go without saying something! But I will always love these guys. Tim is really the main object of my affection and devotion. He is what will always keep me going back to INXS no matter what. He was always sweet to me when we've met. So, I won't abandon this band. Just in case he is reading. LOL! And to those who are reading and cannot differentiate the distinctness between "devotion" and "delusion", buy a dictionary and learn! LOL! No, I am not delusional, the many people who know me can vouch for that. I'm just very highly devoted to INXS, and no matter what happens between them and any other group or singers, I always will be there to cheer them on.
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