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Monday, March 2, 2009

In Other News

OK, one final post! I wanted to put an end to the INXS/JD Fortune drama. I still love INXS, and always will! Nothing will ever stop that! Tim is still as handsome as ever, and will always be the most handsome man in rock n roll!! I will always be grateful to him for all he's done, even though he was not aware of any of it. LOL! But still the fact remains, he did, and I was there, and it made me feel good!! Whenever the problems of the World today lay down on me too hard, I always think about my last meetings with Timmy and it makes me happy all over again. That coupled with listening to INXS's music and videos. I know Andrew said that if his music helps others feel happy then he was grateful for that. I don't know what Tim thinks of that though. He was a sweet man when I met him, just maybe he feels the same way. I love Andrew too, he was also one of the sweetest men I've ever met. He was actually one that I really hunkered to instantly. When I shook his hand for the first time, his coolness level shot right up with me! Before then, he was my 6th favorite band member. After then, he shot up 3 times over!

Well, INXS will be recording again this month according to The Daily Telegraph. But they will be doing so without a lead singer. I thought "Are they going instrumental?" but then I read the article more and it implies that maybe they will have guest singers. Maybe. But Chris Murphy won't say. Perhaps it's a surprise, like the biggest present on Christmas morning. I sure am sorry to see JD Fortune not working with INXS anymore. But as cold as this may sound, life does go on, and I will continue to support my favorite men of INXS. I always said I would, no matter how many singers they go through. As long as Tim is there, INXS will always be INXS to me. But now I wonder who will be doing the singing should INXS decide to tour? Will they bring all their guest singers, bring back JD, or have one of the band members do the singing on the tour? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out. They had a great thing going with JD, they were a complete band once again. I will always love them, but I just wonder what is going to be next.

Anyway, here is the article:


INXS didn't dump singer JD Fortune, on contract for one album
March 02, 2009 12:00am

INXS are putting the JD Fortune affair behind them and will not break up - and instead head into the studio this month to record a new project without a singer.

It also emerged yesterday that singer Fortune - who won a reality TV quest to join - was only ever on a one-album-one-tour contract which ended in December 2007.

Fortune generated global headlines 10 days ago when he claimed the band sacked and dumped him at Hong Kong airport when their two-year tour ended.

But the band's creative director and business manager Chris Murphy exclusively told Confidential yesterday it seemed he did so to attract attention for his unreleased solo album.

"The whole thing has been bizarre - he was basically a contractor and his contract had ended," Murphy said from Los Angeles. "Why is he suddenly complaining 14 months later?"

The band will now record what Murphy said would be "the most creatively energetic and exciting project since (1987's) Kick". "It will blow people's minds," he added.

Murphy would not elaborate on who would sing or whether guest vocalists would be used.

Principal songwriters Andrew Farris and Garry Beers are currently in LA working on pre-production for the album, as are other members in Europe and Sydney.

Murphy was INXS's original manager but they parted in the early 1990s before Michael Hutchence died in 1997.

Murphy, who re-entered the fold a year ago, believed they lost focus in the ensuing years.

"I always said 'passion first, money second,' and my job was to free them of all that business side of things," he said.

"In the past decade advice to them has been business, business, business - and one of the pleasures of my job is to keep that out of the way of their creativity."

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