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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

INXS's Soon-To-Be New Album

This is my views of INXS's new album to come. I cannot wait!!! If Chris Murphy thinks this will be their next biggest album to date since Kick, I cannot wait! I'm sure it's going to rule!! I stand firm in my support of these guys, I will always love INXS, and I will always love Timmy. Nothing will change that. Well, nothing except Tim himself. I am the type that as long as he does nothing bad to me, or never snubs me (no more than usual anyway, LOL), I will be forever loyal to him. So far, he hasn't done either so, I have no reason not to be loyal to him. Thus no reason not to be loyal to INXS. I love their music and their videos. I don't care how many singers they get to help record their new album, I will still be the one sitting on the curb and cheering these guys on.

I might make one suggestion for their latest songs. I was listening to some music last night, and I notice that besides INXS's music, which I am naturally partial to, some of my most favorite songs ever are the ones that either has animal sounds inspired, or that start off slow and gradually get faster. Just a bit of variety for INXS to think about when recording their new songs. For animal-sound inspirations, I might suggest listening to whale songs, like in Billy Joel's "Downeaster Alexa". Or maybe bird calls, like Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy". Or maybe sounds just inspired by animal noises, like the oropendola-like sounds of Lenny Kravitz's "Fly Away".

I also love songs that start off slow and easy, then gradually get faster and harder like towards the onset of the chorus. Kinda like Live's "I Alone", or another example would be like Giant's "I'll See You In My Dreams". I noticed there are no INXS songs that do that. The closest would be "Kick", which is one of my all-time favorite songs from INXS. It used to be my life's theme song back when my nickname was Kick87. I'm not trying to tell INXS what to do with their new album, and I am not saying I don't love the music they've done so far. This is just a bit of a "head's up" of what I would love to see these guys doing in their next set of songs or some time down the road. It would make their next album oh-so interesting, one that I may never want to take out of my CD player!! I also understand that every artist has their style, and maybe it's just INXS's style to have pretty much the same kind of music. But I'm just saying a little bit of variety would be a great thing from these guys.

Then it may just be me. I notice a lot of the songs I mentioned were not that popular. Just with me. Aside from that, they were mostly mediocre. But I would love to hear what INXS could do with the suggestions I just made. I already love the band, if they could take their already wonderful and talented musical ways and apply the suggestions I just made, INXS could be a totally AWESOME band!!! A band like no other on Earth!! And this next album would definitely kick ass!!! Oh yes, and apply an image of Timmy with longer hair too. That would make it all the more special too. hehe! Or at least bring back Cowboy Timmy!!! I miss that look!

Oh and get this! I just recieved this latest bulletin on MySpace:

Barry Gibb will close the show with a superstar band including INXS drummer Jon Farriss. Gibb is expected to bring a special guest from America with him to perform a couple of numbers - Olivia Newton-John.

So you're telling me 2 hot, sexy males are coming to perform in the USA and I can be sitting there in the front row stage with all that manliness in the room before me!!?? Oh, be still my fluttering heart!! I don't give a shit about Olivia Newton-John, but I would love to see Barry Gibb and Jon Farriss!!!!
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