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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lacey Is GONE!!

I wondered how long it was going to take Chef Ramsay to eliminate this parasite. He told her before she left to give everyone a proper goodbye. She did but her team mates didn't seem to care she was going. No one said good bye back. She commented before she left that her mom told her before going there not to make enemies. And that is exactly what she did there. She made nothing but enemies. By the time she left there, everyone despised her. I was like no wonder!! She's not a team-player!! In the first episode that her group lost a competition, while everyone was taking their punishment, Lacey took to her bed and cried. Who could like someone like that?? How could chef Ramsay even think for one week that she would be able to adequately manage a huge restaurant like the Borgata? Lacey was worse than me!! I've never taken to my bed and cried just because I've lost a competition! If I did that every time I lost a competition, I'd never get out of my bed and my eyes would never be dry. But I don't. I just pick up the pieces and say "better luck next time". That's how you learn to deal with things like that.

In all honesty, I think I know who is going to win this competition. I hate to give away the name, but I think the 2 finalists are going to be Andrea and Ben. Let's see what happens. Though I'd really hate to see Danny go. He is a very good worker. And he's kinda cute besides. He kinda reminds me of how Timmy looked during the FMDH era. Except for those big, Kirk-like ears, he looks great!!! But Ben is the bigger leader type. But I sure do wish I was a teenager again, I'd love to get Danny on a sofa made of Corinthian leather!!! Him and all that lovely, dark, curly hair and those deep, blue eyes. Have to do something about those ears though. Give them back to Kirk!! Give him Timmy's ears. hehe!!! If he doesn't make it good at Hell's Kitchen, he'd make a great model. Of course he wouldn't really want a fat-ass like me. But I wasn't fat as a teenager! And that is where I would be at if I were falling in love with this man.
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