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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Last Post

I think Metalraptor is getting annoyed with me. He didn't like my last post. But when I heard that the people on the SE forum were still griping about me I had to say something! I even said on my Metazoic blog that certain people were going to get their's really soon! It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that it would all come out eventually. I just didn't want to do it on my Metazoica blog because that blog is specifically to discuss Metazoica and other scientific topics. Then I heard that the people on the SE forum see me as a villain and JohnFaa and Viergacht as the martyrs, I had to set the record straight. JohnFaa and Viergacht think they were not at fault when I told them they were dumbasses. But what they didn't understand (and probably still don't understand) was that they did start it. Right after I left that forum, JohnFaa took it upon himself to start bashing my Metazoica project. I always knew he didn't like it, but it wasn't until after I left that forum that he started really bashing it, and even got into an all-out war with a patron who calls himself Canis Lupus. I am forever grateful to Canis for defending my project, but I was so shocked that JohnFaa could not say all his BS about my project to my face, instead of waiting until I left the forum to do it. I knew he was capable of saying it to my face if he wanted to, but he chose not to. Then Viergacht joined JohnFaa in bashing my project, and I'd never even met this idiot.

I still have not been into the SE forum since I said good bye, not even as a lurker. But when I hear all this kind of stuff going on, you know what that means: I have to respond. They are acting like the martyrs now, and have everyone on that forum believing they are the innocent victims, and I am the horrible villain who has victimized them. But they are so wrong about that. Actually, there are no innocent victims in this matter, just some people who should have kept their mouths SHUT, and got over their prejudices, instead of getting them more heated just because I left the forum.

It's not really like I didn't expect that to happen. I don't know why it is so, but for some reason, a lot of people feel like just because a person leaves a group or forum, then that gives them the green light to freely ridicule, cuss-out and belittle someone. Anything to provoke that person into coming back to their forum and respond negativly to their remarks. Looks like the people of the SE forum are no exception to that rule.

But then again, maybe it's just like Katrina said, Viergacht and JohnFaa are manipulating them. The only reason I cannot defend myself there is because I don't consider myself to be a member of that forum anymore. When I decided to make a personal change, I decided to leave all forums behind, including the SE forum. It's a shame that JohnFaa and Viergacht have control over what most of those people on that forum think, and the only way I can defend myself is on this blog. I don't even think they read this blog, LOL! I can only hope the people on the SE forum learn soon that JohnFaa and Viergacht are not good role models. The sooner they learn that, the sooner they can get on with discussing speculative evolution and have fun doing so. This is why I work alone.

Just a little hint here, you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, and the way they handle constructive criticism. Those are 2 things I learned early on in life. For me, constructive criticism is something I thrive on. It's suggestions on how to live a better life. Though I admit it's all in the way it is given. I always try to be diplomatic because I don't want to hurt anyone, but a lot of people just seem to take what I say as being hurtful. But I've got to tell them the truth. No matter how hard a person tries, there really is just no way of sugar-coating the truth. Though I admit when I don't like someone, like JohnFaa and Viergacht, telling it to them like it is with no sugar-coating is so much simpler. That's why I love Timmy so much, and JD Fortune too! Both of them tell it like it is. I was watching my Rockstar series, and I notice I have so much in common with both of them. LORD I remember how angry the fans of the rockers on Rockstar: INXS used to get at INXS for giving the rockers criticism. It made the fans angry (all except me) but the rockers confessed in the end that it turned them into better rockers and better performers.

Though I don't always admit it, I like to take a little bit of criticism I learn from everybody I meet and apply it to my existance. Maybe someday I can become a much better person. I admit it, though I don't like to dwell too heavily on my negative points, I'm not flawless. I've even learned some things from people I didn't really care for. But it is so much easier to listen to people I like!!

Katrina came for a visit last week and we palled around. I told her a few things I learned. I said some people thought that just because I said I was going to be away for a while that they could take that time to get nastier about my project. I'm sorry if my friends don't like me getting even, but I had to say something. I could not just stand idly by and let them bash me as a person, and my project when they don't even know me (outside the forum), without saying something in my defense. It may make me look like a jerk, but if I say nothing, it makes me feel like I'm letting them run all over me. Though I am trying not to look like Passion Wolf on the Pluba forums and justify my actions with more BS. But I feel like this is a court of law and I am just giving my side of the story. And anyone who Googles "Metazoica" will be able to read this and see for themselves.

I know I said I'd be away for a while, but my sis Anna is letting me use her computer every day now. That is until next week when her college finals are underway for this semester, then she said she will be needing this computer back. So I will be off that week for sure. Then she goes to Bozeman, MT to explore their university. She can't wait and neither can I. A whole week all by myself. Just me and the dogs.
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