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Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Singer For INXS?

Maybe. Though I would more love to see INXS work things out with JD before going to look for a new lead singer. But if they were going to look for a singer, I think I know of a darn good candidate. His name is Vance Lee, and he has exceptional talent, and he really looks up to INXS. He's one of my buds on MySpace, and he sent me this video. He is doing the song, Bitter Tears, and he does sound a little like Michael Hutchence. Of course he has his own tones and pitches, everyone does. But he is one of those blessed with a powerful voice. He will surely be going places!

Anyway, I wanted to post this up just in case INXS happens to be looking in, though I don't expect it! But IF they are, and still looking for someone to take JD's place. This young man could do it. That's IF they just cannot seem to work things out with JD. I'd rather they tried to, because I really truly hate to see the relationship they built up with JD to end the way it seems to. Chris Murphy, I like the guy, nothing personal but he needs to back off and leave the guys to work it out with JD alone. But if things cannot get worked out, here is a nice young man who has a lot of potential:

You know, my sis Anna and I have been working on a movie script to do this summer. It's a movie about 2 stupid chicks (played by me and Anna) in Yellowstone National Park. I want it to head up a series of "Stupid Chick" movies. I wonder how much INXS would charge to do the music for the movie? hehe! Seriously, I mean that! All movies have music, and to show I still have faith in the band, I'd surely hire them to do the music. If nothing else, I would love to use their back catalogue, because I'd love to also do Stupid Chicks in Vegas. Pretty Vegas would be great for travel music in that movie!!
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