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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pit Bull Attack

People like this should never be allowed to own pit bulls! I've seen this video before, and this is a sick woman!! After she threatens the animal control officers she stands at her door and does a little dance. Of course here they cut that out. Oh GOD!! How old is she? She must be at least in her 30s or something. I can understand people treating their dogs like children, but this woman is indeed sick! Reminds me of Mcgillicutty, who incidentally is also a pit bull owner. At least she was when she was on my chihuahua forum.

I don't know why it is the sickest people own pit bulls. Not saying all pit bull owners are sick in the head. Just those types seem to be the ones who tend to want to own dogs like that. I've never owned a pit bull before, and I never want to. I don't dislike them, I don't blame dogs for their attacks on people. But I do get nervous with pit bulls in the same house with chihuahuas. Only the seriously demented would do things like that! That's almost like asking for trouble. Anyway, this woman has a pit bull and has ordered it to attack her landlord and his daughter, a young child!! Anyone who would make their dog attack a small child is no more than scum!! How is a little girl going to defend herself against a pit bull?? Then she makes the dog attack an animal control officer. Then she has no remorse until she finds out that she is going to jail! I'd be surprised if they let her have the dog back! But the only thing she felt bad about was that she got arrested. Nothing else. No remorse for letting her dog attack a child, no remorse for letting her dog attack the landlord or the officer. Nothing. As any true criminal type person, she only felt bad because she's going to jail. She should have been in there for a full year!!

This is a graphic video, and it makes me angry!! People like this woman give pit bulls a bad name! They are the ones who make pit bull owning illegal. Though I don't understand why it is pit bulls get all the bad press. There are worse breeds, and they are breeds that generally no one thinks is worse. Rottweilers are stronger and have been known to bite harder than a pit bull. The only thing a pit bull has that a rottweiler doesn't is jaws that interlock, and that is a typical trait for all terriers. Yet, rottweilers are not illegal anywhere that I can think of. Anyway, that woman's stupidity and desire to harm others is going to cost the dog it's life! The dog is going to be destroyed all because the owner gets such a maniacal pleasure out of making her dog attack people. I feel bad for the dog. The dog she supposedly loved. I love all my dogs. I would not send any dog to attack anyone unless I really felt my life was in danger, like a man with a gun or something. But I certainly would never deliberately send my dog to attack my landlord or an officer!! They just do their job, simple as that. There is no reason to get a dog to attack them. This woman not only gives pit bulls a bad name, she also gives fat people a bad name!!! She really pisses me off!!!

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