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Friday, March 13, 2009

Reserve Band

You know, I know I said I wouldn't know what to do if INXS retire. I've just been such a big fan of their's for such a long time that I didn't have a reserve band to turn to, attend concerts of, or purchase the CDs of. However, having watched my Rockstar: INXS series again, I was thinking perhaps of my "reserve" band being the Lovehammers. I always did like Marty Casey. He was one of the better looking of the rockers, and I love how he sang "Wish You Were Here". Every time I hear him sing that song, it brings tears to my eyes, because it makes me think of my Groucho. Marty was no good for INXS, because he is a much harder rocker than INXS has been in the past. But he is awesome with his own band. And Dino is cute besides.

Just to let everyone know, maybe my musical life would not end with INXS's retirement. When I heard that Marty sang "Wish You Were Here" on his last tour, I was beating myself for not going to one of his concerts! Hopefully I can catch him doing that again. Hopefully. I need to join the Lovehammers site! Then I can at least get some tour dates. Not sure if they will ever come to this neck of the woods, but it'd be handy to know anyway.
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