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Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've heard about some fans stalking their favorite celebs, for most people, it's just a bit of harmless fun. As long as they keep it clean and remember that famous people have private lives too and want them to stay that way. Well, today I heard about a man who had been stalking Shawn Johnson from Dancing With The Stars, and he was caught at her home by police with a shot gun, a hand gun and duct tape! I saw that and I was like "WTF??" It's obvious what this man had on his mind, and I thank GOD he didn't get a chance to pull it off! I just don't see how someone can claim to love their favorite celebs so much and then turn around and do something like what this man was probably going to do to this young lady! I just don't see the logic in that at all!! GOD I hate men!!!!! LOL! When most women (unless they are gay) stalk a male celeb, they don't want to kill them. But when a man stalks a female celeb, all they ever want to do is kill them, or torture them!! Why is that??? I'll tell you why. Because men are disgusting and stupid!!!

All I know is I love Tim Farriss! I love him so much though but I never want to see him dead or tortured. I feel so much better just seeing him happy. That's all I would care about. If shooing me away from him and telling me to get lost would make him happy, believe me I would not hesitate to grant that wish for him. LOL! So far he hasn't done that but you never know. I thank my lucky stars that Tim has always been so sweet to me when we've met. Believe me I know I could never be more than a fan to him and that is OK by me! I'm not going to hang around outside his home, or call him every 5 minutes on the phone, or send him 100 e-mails a day. I just don't do things like that! I don't even have his phone # or his e-mail address and I don't even want it!! I remember on the delusional fans forum, the person called incognito tried to make me jealous by telling me she had Tim's e-mail address. LOL!! But no. I don't have it and I don't want it. She probably pestered him for it anyway. I couldn't do that. It's his choice if he wants to give it to me, nothing more. Knowing the way I am, even if I had it, I'd never use it. What would I say in an e-mail to him? Nothing he hasn't ever heard before, that's for sure!! LOL!!

Well anyway, Robert O'ryan was Johnson's stalker. He is in jail now. I think he was the one that said that he was able to communicate with Johnson through ESP and she told him that way that she wanted him. In O'ryan's case, ESP would mean Extra Stupid Perception!! I would think Johnson would already have a guy!! O'ryan claimed he traveled all the way from Florida to LA to be with her. Very different from me traveling from WA state to LA to see INXS. Because at least I am fully aware Timmy is not in any way, shape or form, interested in me!!! So I am not doing my travels to steal him from his family. I just like seeing him perform. I like seeing his face, and that is the extent of it. Nothing more. I've had people left and right accuse me of being a stalker for Tim Farriss, but I figure those people are only judging me based on what they themselves would probably do. But as I've said many times before, I am not like them, or any other people you could meet!! I'm a true individual!! If you want to truly predict me, think of what the average stalking fan would do, and then contradict it with the complete opposite. That's me. Where other fans would walk up to Timmy, I'd be moving away. I only approached him that once because I wanted that photo op with him. Then the second time because I had a dare to settle with Katrina!! She won that bet BTW.

Anyway, this is sure a crazy world we live in!! Men need to learn to get a grip!!! Take a lesson from most women. Most women are gentle and sweet, and would not hurt our favorite celebs!!
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