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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tim Is Gorgeous

I was reading this article on another site and there was something about an artist who did a painting of Tim Farriss, I love it!!! He's captured the real Timmy!!! I hope Tim loves it. This artist did things with Tim's portrait that I haven't been able to do. But then I am not that great at drawing people. The last sketch I made of Timmy, I made him look like Glenn Close as Pruella DeVille!! But this guy did a great job with Timmy's portrait! He even caught the realness in Tim's eyes! That I always thought was an impossible task. Now, I want me a copy of that painting!! I'd love to have it over my bed.

Looks like the Farriss's are a great art inspiration! First a painting of Jon was done, now this painting of Tim. All 3 of them have gorgeous faces. Having met Jon many, many times, I can tell you all, to look in his face absolutely stunned me! He is so gorgeous!!!! His eyes are deep blue and they just take you in. It helps a lot that Jon is so kind and sweet. And Tim, I don't need to tell you he is a lot more handsome in real life than he is in pictures and on television. Not that he is any less handsome in pictures. He's still a gorgeous man. Now, all we need is someone who is good and can do a portrait of Andrew. He is also a handsome man, in his own way. He's the only man I ever liked with a moustache and a beard. Though I heard he has since shaved it off. That's kindof a shame, he looked great in that, and it gave him a lot of character!! Without it, he just looks like a big, cuddly teddy bear! One that you cannot help but want to hug! Having met him several times, he is sweet enough to warrant a big hug!! I've met all of them several times. All I need now is a siggy from Timmy like the ones his younger brothers gave me. hehe! But I guess he just never thinks of things like that. But if I could get one from him like that, I'll have a completed collection of signatures from the Farriss's that have hearts and arrows. hehe! And addressed to me specifically. I never even asked them to do that! They did it on their own. I love it though! Be nice to have a complete collection like that. But if it doesn't ever happen, that is OK too. I have several good siggies from all the guys. A lot of memories are attached to each one. Like the one that I got on the Switch album. I cannot tell you what Hell I went through to get that album!!! You've heard people say "A funny thing happened to me on the way to *insert destination here*..." Well, I can say many funny things happened to me on the way to the INXS Switch album signing in LA. It was the wrong time of year to travel from here to LA. But I am so glad I went!!

Well, the thing that got me so honked off at that article is the author said Tim's face isn't that pretty. What's up with that??? Tim's face is GORGEOUS!! You hear me??

I've been hard pressed to find a man who is as kind and wonderful as Tim is with all his wonderful attributes!! He's got the most beautiful hair I've ever seen on anyone. I love his eyes. His accent gets to me every time I hear him. Well, not that I want a man that bad, and I know Tim is taken and always will be. But IF I were looking for someone, if that someone were available, and I could find someone like I just described, I'd take him in a minute!! And no, I don't want Tim himself!!! As much as I love the guy, if he were available, and I were 200 pounds thinner, I still wouldn't take him. I couldn't stand to be separated from him for months at a time while he was on tour. I don't know how his wife stands it. She must be well used to it by now though.

Anyway, here's the pic. This guy is GOOD!!!! My line of work consists mainly of sketches. I don't do much painting. Not that I couldn't if I wanted to.

Now that I would give anything to have hanging over my bed!! Compare that to this, and I think the similarity is remarkable!

I think in the painting the nose is just a little bit too large, but all in all it looks magnificent!!
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