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Friday, March 20, 2009

We Won!!

We won first place!! I wanted to make sure of it before I wrote anything. But we won!! We were among the top 2 finalists, and they chose Anna's movie among all of them. I never even expected us to make the top 2 finalists! It was exciting that we did!! And Viergacht and his friends laughed at me when I said I wanted to take up film making. The movie was based on my idea, I did the camera, the script and all. Anna was the actress and she came up with some lines too. But I gave her the credit. I may just take up movie making now! If for nothing else but just to piss off Viergacht! Forgive me for bragging, but I feel like that right was bought and paid for.

Lemme tell you all something about Viergacht, OK? He's the kind of idiot that would call Gordon Ramsay a dunderhead if he was trying to be a cook. We all know Gordon Ramsay is a master chef! A genius in his field. But he is a lot like me, he says what is on his mind, and doesn't sugar-coat anything. Him being a master chef, I love that about him. I am probably the first person after Dixon to create a World of the future, I have books about the creatures of my Metazoic world that are older than a lot of the people on the SE forum!! I learned a lot about evolution in general, I have every book ever made on the subject, and I've taken it all in. But of course I have my own opinions. I don't see myself as THE authority on future evolution, but I think I'm pretty well up there. Certainly high above JohnFaa and Viergacht!

So I don't know who these dunderheads were that Viergacht was talking about that cannot be compared to Van Gogh and other such artists, but it sure wasn't me!! LOL!! And this is proof! We might do it all again next year. Anna and I were sketching a bit on the way home, and we came up with another little skit to do with the dogs next year.
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