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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's In The Mix

Have you ever had a dog that you just cannot figure out what breeds it is mixed with? I'm not a mutt person, but I used to work at the Humane Society and I've encountered that many times. Well, if you are interested in knowing, there is now a DNA test that can be given to determine what is in the dogs' background. Of course I have a knack for being able to look at a dog and tell what it is for the most part. In most cases you can. In this video for example, these people figured the primary breed in their mixed breeds. The primary is the dominant breed, and that is usually easiest to tell on first glance, especially if you know dogs like I do.

A good example is when I was 7 years old, we had a dog that was half collie and half St. bernard. She had the face of a collie, the coat of a collie, and the hefty body of a st. bernard and the markings of a typical st. bernard. Anyone who knew anything about dogs back then could tell what she was mixed with because they showed up so evenly on her. But in this video, these people could not figure out more than the primary breed. Of course, usually if a dog is half german shepherd dog or pit bull, those breeds usually dominate. But you'd be surprised to see what else is in the mixtures of these dogs. No one would have ever guessed had it not been for the DNA results.


I can imagine these cost a pretty penny! But if you're like me, and know dogs very well and can get an idea what is behind them by just looking at them, you can go for that. Of course even I would never have guessed that undersized pit-bull looking dog would have had bernese mountain dog as well!! Nothing but DNA results would have revealed that!
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