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Thursday, March 19, 2009

When Opportunity Knocks

Well, you know what they say about when opportunity knocks, you'd better open the door! Today I walked into a store and found some darned good laptop computers on sale for less than $500! We happened to have enough in the bank to accommodate the purchase of one of those laptops, so that is what we did! I now am the proud owner of an awesome new laptop computer!! So far I love it!! It's got touch-sensitive buttons that control the DVD player/recorder! They are so cool! Got 4 gigs of memory, and 260 GB capacity hard drive. Of course I won't be saving anything on here, I still have my little 1 TB external drive that I will be saving everything on. I only put my INXS pics on here so I can keep my Timmy on my desktop.

I want to keep Metalraptor as an author on my Metazoic blog, he really livens things up on there. Besides, I kinda like having another author there. But I will also be going back to making posts on that blog. I was thumbing back on some posts I made about the people on the SE forum. I noticed that I dissed a guy who calls himself Venatosaurus on there. In case he or anyone else saw that, I wanted to let everyone know Venatosaurus and I have since made up, and he showed me some of the animals from his upcoming site. I really like his carnivorous duiker. Duikers will indeed become carnivorous. However, I am only apologizing to Venatosaurus. JohnFaa and Viergacht are still on my shit-list. Oh, and I have a special surprise for Viergacht! *VBG* I will be announcing it tomorrow night! Oh, and believe me, he is going to *LOVE* it!! LOLOL!!! I would announce it now, but I want to make absolutely sure about it before I say anything. I already told the news to Katrina, Eva and my other friends. I just haven't told ma and pa yet. I'm waiting for when ma comes here hopefully next week, and pa should be coming in May. I should call him and tell him the news, he'll love it too! But in a very different way than Viergacht, because Anna and I.......... well, I don't want to give it away just yet! I love mysteries. hehe! All I will say now is I LOVE having chihuahuas!!!!!!!

Well, I just wanted to announce that I am officially back, with my own computer forever!
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