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Monday, March 16, 2009

Worst All-Time Programs

My sis Anna gave me the idea for this topic, as we started discussing this the other day when I listed my top worst songs in history (or worst music, take your choice). I seem to have got off the subject of just picking out worst songs to going all the way and picking out the worst music as well. Anyway, now I want to discuss the worst programs I've ever seen on television. Programs that I personally always tend to ask why they were ever made in the first place.

The 700 Club - This one definitely tops my list of worst ever TV shows! If I was going to pick a show and say I wish it had never been made, it'd be this one. I never will forgive this show for altering my ma's mind in the early 80s. It led her to believe all rock music was evil. It altered her mind so much that my sis Anna had a collection of rare songs, and ma just went into her room one day while she was in school and threw all the music away. When we asked why she did that, she said because the 700 Club said that there were "hidden messages" of Satan worship in all rock music. Oh BROTHER!!!!

The Greatest American Hero - One of those cheesy early 80s sitcoms. My ma used to like this crap. I confess I like the opening theme song, it was the only reason to ever watch this show, but once the theme was over, turn off the TV!! The show is nothing but crap!!

Family Matters - The show that discovered the Oleson twins. Why I wonder? Even as babies, those chicks were ugly as sin! They had eyes like ostriches and the schnoz of mules. They seem to be what brought ugly to become "the in thing". Anyway I did notice after they became popular, all animation went down the tube.

Spongebob Squarepants - OK, on with the kiddie cartoons. This is one of the worst. It is stupidity in it's purest form. I've bashed it before on this blog. And what's this about a sponge falling in love with a squirrel? A sea creature falling in love with a land creature! It's dumb!! And the drawings used to illustrate this cartoon leaves much to be desired. I could make better characters using my feet while blindfolded! When I heard that Johnny Depp was doing one of the voices for the latest Spongebob movie, my respect level for that actor went right down the tube!

Rugrats - This cartoon is not only filled with shitty animation, and drawings, but it seems to teach kids nothing except how to disrespect each other and adults. IMO, kiddie shows can be fun and educational as well. They were when I was growing up. I think Nickelodeon really got off track with this cartoon! There is no good educational value in this program at all.

Family Ties - My sis Anna likes this crap. But I could never get to like it at all. First of all, I don't care for Michael J. Fox. Second, it's just a dumb show! Seems all he is interested in in this show is who is republican or democrat! UGH!!!!

Sesame Street - I'm not talking about the old school SS that I grew up with, I'm talking about the Sesame Street that Elmo has invaded and altered so badly. It SUCKS now as a show!!! You cannot watch a single episode nowadays without seeing Elmo's cheesy face!! The name of the show might as well be changed to "Elmo's Street" because it just isn't Sesame Street anymore. It's not only stupid, but sad too. I have a collection of old school Sesame Street (before Elmo came into the picture) both on audio and video, and sometimes when I listen to them, it brings tears to my eyes because it's a grim reminder of how progress can really SUCK!!!

Big Cat Diary - I just HATE large felines. Enough said! Any program devoted strictly to them is stupid in my book.

The Andy Griffith Show - One of the classics, but this one is dumb! Though I like some of it's offshoot programs, like Gomer Pyle. My ma likes this crap though.

Well those are some of the dumbest shows I can think of right off the top of my head. I'm sure there is more somewhere, but I just cannot think of them right now. Keep in mind, this is only my own opinion. I'm sure there are people who disagree with my list, and probably have a list of their own, maybe even a list that includes some shows I love. Who knows? Usually I am pretty flexible about TV shows, as much as I am about music. But these shows I've listed have committed the unforgivable sin of being unequivocally STUPID!!!
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