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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Worst All-Time Songs

I was reading another blog and someone listed the songs that in his opinion were torture. Some I would definitely agree with. For example, anything from Brittney Spears or Meatloaf would be torture. For some reason there are people in this World who like that crap. I cannot even begin to imagine being locked up in a room with nothing but Brittney Spears and Meatloaf running constantly, day after day, with no way to turn it off!! That would be my worst nightmare come true!!! Well, this person listed his top 10 list of worst songs in history. I'm pretty much a music lover, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to music. I can listen to anything from almost any band (though I've proven more than once that INXS tops the list as my favorite band), so for me to say a song is like a needle sticking in my ears, that's pretty darned bad! I cannot promise there will be a full list of 10 songs, but some of the worst songs I've ever heard are (in no particular order):

Elmo's Song - from Sesame Street's little red fiend, Elmo. OK, this guy listed a couple of kiddie songs, the Sesame Street Theme Song and Barney's "I Love You". At first I thought he was jerking everyone around and trying to fill up space in the most desperate way by listing songs for children, which it would not really be fair for an adult to rate. While I agree Barney's song is indeed worthy of the title of being one of the worst, I believe Elmo's Song is even more annoying! Not only is Elmo ugly, stupid and annoying in every conceivable way, his song is everything he is and more!! Making it one of the worst and stupidest songs I've ever heard.

I Ran - by Flock of Seagulls. The song really SUCKS!!! It has no rhythm, not much of a melody, and the idiots who croak out the words can't even sing for shit!!! This is one song you will NEVER hear from my ipod!!

She Blinded Me With Science - by Thomas Dolby. I've been blinded by science before, but Dolby was a jerk to come out with this song!! Like a lot of songs from the 1982-83 era, it's simply cheesy!! Too stupid to exist! Thank GOD those years are long over with!

Hungry Like the Wolf - by Duran Duran. I have often admitted to not liking Duran in the 1980s and took pains to avoid hearing them. IMO, a lot of their songs from the 80s were stupid, but this one tops them all off! When I hear this song on the radio, I remember why I didn't like this group in the 80s and turn it off to listen to some of their 90s stuff, which is 1000 million times better than this crap of a song!!

I Don't Want to Fall In Love - by Jane Child. Among the ultimate in stupidity of songs. When I first heard this parrot squawking on the radio, I wanted to punch her in the face and turn off the music. This song has about as much personality as a test pattern on television. It SUCKS!!!

Tempted - by Squeeze. Just the first couple of bars from this song makes me want to do nothing but turn it off! It reminds me a lot of what Metalraptor says about most peoples' blogs, the kind of blogs that say "I got up this morning, pulled the covers from over my head, marched to the bathroom, took a dump...etc" you get the picture. This song was a lousy way to start off the 80s, and no doubt led to the endless line of cheesy music that followed in the earliest years of the decade.

This is not even the last of it. I also hate specific groups (bands), and these groups I would never even give a listen to no matter how popular they are with other people:

Oasis - The first on my list of crap bands! Their songs are too dark and creepy. Besides the fact that these morons bad-mouthed INXS, even after Michael was so nice and kind to them and even handed them their aria award.

Brittney Spears - This bitch I just want to knock out with a good, swift arm-bludgeon to the head! She annoys me every time she opens the crack in her face!!! The same crack she probably stole from her ass. As many plastic surgeries as she's had, I wouldn't doubt it!

Meatloaf - As I said at the beginning of this blog, Meatloaf SUCKS!!! Anyone who puts anything Meatloaf on their list of worst songs, I can say for sure it is very well deserved! The man can't carry a tune without his damn voice cracking. Makes his music sound more like a cross between R&B and country, with far too much emphasis on the country side.

The Doors - I remember back in the early days of INXS forums, people shunned me because I hated the Doors! I guess they thought the only way to get me to like the Doors was to shit-talk me as a person. Too bad it didn't work! I still hate the Doors!!! Their music is like that of Oasis. Too dark and creepy for me.

Then, there is the genre thing. These are types of music where I don't like most of the bands or most of the songs. Again, I don't care how popular they are with most people, I still can't stand this shit:

Anything rap - I hate rap music with a burning passion!!! Especially when they started ripping off the classics, like that one song that mimicks the Bee Gees's "Staying Alive".

Anything R&B - I like the old-style R&B. My sis Anna listens to this crap today, but it is too slow and too wimpy for me to boogie to.

Most country songs - Though there are some that sound OK, most country music is too whiny and wimpy for me. Like Meatloaf's music! But for some of the faster country songs with less whining, that sound more like rock n roll (and there are some of those), they're OK.

Well, those are the worst things in music, keep in mind, it's only my own opinion. There are undoubtedly others who would disagree with me, and probably have their own list of worst songs in history.

***********EDIT TO ADD*************

2 more worsts in music, IMO:

Alannis Morrisette - I hate this woman! Normally, I don't take to female singers at all. I'm not saying women cannot be good singers, I just don't normally take to them as well as I do to male singers. But this woman does not even sing! She screeches! I can't stand her! Her "singing" is like a needle in my ear!!

Sinead O'Connor - I cannot even believe I forgot this woman! How could I? She was horrible!! I don't even know why her song became so popular. She whines too much!
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