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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cute Bums

I'm a bit bored today, so I am writing about the first thing that pops into my mind. Cute male behinds. As anyone can tell, I'm a butt-woman. I love a man with full buns! My attraction to Tim Farriss should give that away, the man has the best buns I've ever seen in a caucasian man.

There is a reason I always use this pic, I love it!! It shows off Timmy's buns very well. This was from the video that made me a Timmy fan in the first place. Personally, I vote Tim has the best buns of any man. But there are other men who have buns just as fine. Here I wanted to give each of them a little bit of credit.

Here's a rather cute young man, Milo Ventimiglia, he appeared on Gilmore Girls. He doesn't really look like much above. But I guess that's just me. He's got a nice face though, but check out this pic below:

I wouldn't mind being in the same pool with this guy. As long as I wasn't in a bikini. I'd want to be friendly with him, not scare or disgust him!! I'm secure with my figure, but not that secure! LOL! But this guy's got nothing to worry about his buns are not half bad at all!

Well, here's another, a man whose name is Stephano. Good looking guy. At least bum-wise he's not bad.

Picture removed

Here he did some model work for Jockstrap Central. He has a nice full set of buns! These people though are just a bit too young for me. I prefer men a little more my own age. I don't know, I have this thing against falling in love with men younger than me. That's my thing. But there's nothing that says I cannot say someone looks good.

Anyway, here's another candidate.

This is Matthew McConaughey. He did a performance on King of the Hill. But he is probably better known for his movies. He did quite a few in the 90s. He did a part in Glory Daze and Larger Than Life. Anyway, he's got good buns. His are so good, you can see them real good through those shorts!!

Now a little something for the men looking at this:

Picture Removed

This is a young model I think her name is Milani Rose. Anyway, that's her autograph up above there. But I think any guy would look at that and say she's got a cute bum. Personally, I don't slide on that side of the fence. But I didn't want to leave the men reading this hanging.

Now back to tantilizing myself, and other women:

Picture Removed

I don't know this guy's name, but his buns are simply delicious!!! And speaking of buns, want to see the most useless earrings on the planet?

Picture Removed. Who wants to see an ugly cat's ass anyways!

Ta-da!! Check out these "cat-butt" earrings. The stupidest earrings ever. As if feline butts were something to write home about. UGH!! I always said if I were an animal, I'd make a great feline, because I have the weakest, ugliest butt of any human!! That and the fact I'm just plain lazy! Just like a common cat, I have no buns either. In fact, I envy people who do. Anna does, she has a major set of buns!! And I'm jealous of her because of it. Oddly enough, she envies me because I don't have them. So I wish there was a way to switch bodies, but there just isn't. I often wonder if cats or panthers look at animals like these:

and wish they had that. Not that I slide on that side of the fence either! But you know what, if you google cute butts, there will be pics like this all over the place. Some people actually see that when they look at some animals. I guess if you were going to say an animal has really cute bums, zebras would be a good choice. But for me, nothing shouts "cute butt" more than Tim Farriss showing off. You go get um baby!!!

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