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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Hope This is a Joke!!

I heard about this yesterday, and I don't know about the authenticity of this, it almost sounds too stupid to be real. I don't want to think the man who is now our country's president is this dumb! Or if so, I hope he thinks about this before he does it. Both Anna and I had something to say on this matter. She does part of the story, she is an expert in volcanoes. So she gives her opinion. But honestly, I think this is a bunk story. But here I give my thoughts on this, just in case it is so, and Obama wants to try something like this. Not the best idea!!

I have friends who support Obama, so I am not referring to them in this speech of mine. Mostly I am referring to those who thought the reason I don't like Obama has something to do with being racist. Nope, it was reasons such as the one I am discussing here. This is a doomsday in the visionary stage. I just hope it is a joke. I cannot really see it being anything else if this guy is as smart as he has led everyone else to believe. I still don't like McCain any better!! But I wonder what he would have done in this situation.

GOD help us now!!!

In other news, the Hutch's Strangest Party forum is having their questions answered by Kirk. I am a silent member of that forum, but I think I will sit this one out. If it were Tim, I wouldn't hesitate to submit something, but Kirk? No. For Tim I would even get out of my anonymous outfit on that forum, and just say hey. I miss him so much!!! But Kirk, I don't even like him. I'd never say hi to him. Not ever again. But for those who want to submit, I say go and have fun. I don't go in that forum much myself, and a couple of weeks ago, I got a message saying that they were going to start deleting members who have not yet posted. I say OK. Sorry, but I am not the biggest Hutch fan. I don't see Michael like I do Kirk, but Tim is just my main INXS man. I'm afraid that through the years, my eyes only see him.

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