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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Think Danny Will Win

It's either going to be Danny or Andrea now. I was leaning toward Ben, but I think I would more like to see Danny among the 2 finalists. Carol was eliminated tonight. I knew she was going to be because her performance tonight was pissy. I could tell she really gave up. I'm kinda glad that Carol is gone, she was almost as big a wimp as Lacey. Almost, but not quite. She just gives up too easily and she wasn't the best team-player.

Well, I don't want to give the ending away, I don't know it anyway. Chef Ramsay may decide to can both Danny and Andrea. It's his choice, he knows what he's doing. But those two are who I am leaning towards now. Both are good and have talent. If Gi was still there, I'd have said she would have won for sure. She was good too. Too bad she got hurt in the second episode. I could not believe it that Chef Ramsay actually told a customer in his restaurant that she looks more like a dog than he does!! Oh my GOD!!! I was almost floored when he said that! He could get sued for saying something like that to a customer. Talking to his chefs is one thing, but talking that way to a customer could get him in trouble!! Personally, I would have just laughed at him if he said that to me. I like dogs. Though not all of them are as cute as chihuahuas are.

Well, I just heard about someone killing animals in Point Defiance Park! 2 raccoons and a fox were killed this week. Poor things. I like foxes and raccoons too! Why couldn't that person have killed a bobcat? I hate those things!!! Or a cougar? I hate those too! Why target the country's most endearing animals for killing? People like that make me sick!!
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