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Monday, April 6, 2009

JD and Jon on 16x9

I don't know this show, but JD did an interview with 16x9. He is still working on his new album, and even looking for members to form a full band with. He can play the guitar very good. Maybe he could be like the lead singer on Green Day, he does both at once. Well, this company also caught up with Jon Farriss and he made a comment about JD's release from the band (I don't like to say termination or firing). Seems all Jon said is JD is an interesting character and cannot wait to see what stories come up next. He said it in a laughing way though. Oh well. JD is still willing to help INXS. But INXS has also said that they will be releasing something big. I cannot wait to see it!! Though I think by now the World already knows what it is. A tribute album to Michael. Which is really cool!!!

I just cannot for the life of me figure out why JD is still listed as INXS's lead singer on the website. Even with the updates and stuff going on. Well, I can say I still love INXS. Even if to them this is all a big put-on. I'll still always love these guys. Every time I see a new article, I just have to let them know that I still support the band. Well, even though this friend who referred to this clip is no longer an INXS fan, I still must say thank you to her for linking to it. I needed to hear something fresh. I notice a lot of her so-called "friends" dumped her when she announced she is not an INXS fan anymore. Some I would fully expect to do that. It happened to me. A lot of people dumped me when I announced I didn't like Kirk anymore. I'm still an INXS fan, just not a Kirk fan. But I figure, if that's the kind of people they are, then no one needs them as a friend! I like this person because she is a sweet person. I never even hinted that the only reason I liked her was because she was an INXS fan. I have friends who are not INXS fans all over the place. Except for her liking Jon and JD, Katrina is not an INXS fan, and she is one of my best friends. But her absolute favorite band is Green Day. I only like Green Day for a couple of their songs. And even one of those I'm not sure I like anymore. LOL! But she finds the lead singer hot, and I don't. I'm afraid as far as rock n roll icons go, I only have eyes and ears for Timmy.

Anyway, here is the article:

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