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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Message To Viewers


Here I just talk in a detailed way about what has been going down on here the past couple of days. This same thing happened last year, and I went for it then. This is mostly for the person who commented on my INXS All Over Again blog. Now, if I am wrong, don't take this personally, but the thing is this same thing happened last year, and it turned out to be an imposter. I want nothing more than to believe this time it's the real thing, but I just cannot. But on here, I explain how it can be proven. It's not an all too tough request, I mean, I know KP has a MySpace, as I do. I also know he writes to some of the fans, so it wouldn't be too hard for him to write to me just this once. IF that was him. And I hope he understands I know that's a BIG "if", but after what happened last year I just want to be sure.

It's not that I don't want to forgive Kirk, I would love to and put all the old feelings behind me. But this happened last year too, and sure I felt good for one day. Then I found out it wasn't him and my feelings were back to square one. I don't want that to happen again. I didn't blame Kirk for what happened, but strangers put celeb names in their signature all the time. I hope he and everyone understands that I am not trying to be mean or act stuck-up nor nothing. That's not me. I'm not asking him to turn night into day to show me that was really him nor nothing either. Just shoot me a simple little message on MySpace. But just in case it is him, I said a little message for my one favorite band member of all as well on here. hehe!

Well, I want to be forgiving, but I don't want what happened last year to happen again. So, until I hear from him on MySpace, I am not going to say anything further about this. (Damn fans!!! Sometimes I can understand why Catsredrum didn't like the fans! Just that she chose the wrong one to make fun of). When I first saw those comments, I wanted to write something to the practical jokers on the Rockband forum. It wasn't going to be pretty! But then I thought about Kirk and my favorite men of INXS, and again thought "Well, what if this really is him?" Again, part of me said yes and part of me said no. So I just didn't say anything at all. Aside from approving the comment, as I always do, I didn't even want to let on that I acknowledged them. But here I describe how it can be proven. Just write me on MySpace and say hey, that was me. Nothing fancy, don't have to go into details nor nothing. As soon as I hear from whoever this was, I'll accept his apology, and if he wants I will also make a public apology of my own to Kirk for the things I said about him.
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