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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Voice And Video Blog: Trip to Astoria


Well, last Friday me, my sis Anna and my ma went on a trip to Astoria to do some shopping, as we typically do when we want to purchase rather large, expensive items. With the exception of furniture. I made a voice blog about the trip. But this time, I decided to try and do something a little bit different. This is a voice blog that I kinda turned into a skit, with some video to it as well. I always knew I could do good doing movies and stuff. This came out funny as heck!! The pictures do not really move, but just them being there makes it funny! I found all the pics through Google Images, and I found enough of them to make this a very funny clip. The story it's self is not really funny when you hear it, but the way I put the pictures in the movie to what I was saying makes it phenominally funny!
My ma said I should put it on YouTube. Maybe I will. It's funny enough everyone who sees it may like it. Who knows? I was working on it most of the night last night. I had to search Google for all the pics, and then I wanted to pick out the funniest pictures about each thing I wanted to illustrate. It made this movie unbelievably funny. But this is how I make a voice and video blog. I wanted it to be just a little bit corny, as everyone knows I'm always a little bit corny on here, or any of my blogs!! But it's enough to make a person laugh, either with me or at me, I don't care. Funny is funny! But this movie depicts a little bit of how I think people see my blogs.
Now, I am not the best narrorator. In fact I sound retarded!! But it's my story so, I thought I should tell it. I don't have the clearest voice, and in fact when I recorded this yesterday, I even had a bit of a cold. So, sorry if it's not loud enough, or my voice sounds echoey and far off. Anna said she wants to do something like this about her trip to Bozeman. I said sure, if she can record the story, I'll find some good pics to illustrate it with. I've always wanted to do something like this! Now, I am so glad that I have finally. I'm just sitting here thinking about what else I can do a voice and video blog about. I want to get a whole collection of them, put them on a DVD disk and pass them around. I've got a very good, funny mind, I know once people start playing them, they'll love them! It's one thing to just hear them, it's very different when they have pictures attached to them. Maybe I can talk about my experiences with chihuahuas, or maybe my up and coming venture, or maybe my trips across country to see INXS. The first time I've ever been to that part of the country, it'd be worth writing about!
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