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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Voice Blogs!

I've been having some fun with posting voice blogs. But finding the right provider has been difficult. Most providers only allow you to talk for 3-5 minutes. Sometimes it's not easy to fit 35 years worth of ideas in 5 minutes, maximum. I have too much to draw back on. Well, I finally found a voice blog provider that gives me unlimited minutes per blog. It's a site called Snapvine. I even tried MyVox, and it SUCKS!!! MyVox used to have where you can make up voice blog boxes that you can put on any blog, I used to use them all the time. I'd record my message over the phone, get a code and put it up on my Timmy-love space. But they don't do that no more. Now, they only have where your friends can leave you voice messages and that's it.

Well, I've been working with Snapvine, and it's been fun. If nothing else, I may start posting voice blogs on here. It'd be awesome!! A lot of time at night, my sis Anna and I will get into deep discussion, and sometimes that would lead to some interesting before bedtime pillow-talk with Vegas later on in my bedroom. I thought instead of just telling these stories to Vegas, who can probably hear me, but cannot answer back, or really understand what I am saying, I can put all my late-night discussions on my blog, and let the world know what goes through my mind before bedtime. So far, I've done discussions about INXS, which usually compensates about 90% of my nightly discussions, pets and animals, Metazoica, and today I did a blog about road rage, based on an incident that went through my mind last night. An old memory, that was actually resurrected by another incident I encountered yesterday while picking my sis Anna up at the college.

I'm getting a great kick out of creating voice blogs. There is nothing like it. I don't know why, but for some reason, I feel like voice blogs are easier to understand. If someone hears the tone in a person's voice then what seems like a hostile or sarcastic post, sounds more like a post that isn't meant to be taken that way. It might help if people could see my face as well, but I don't think anyone is interested in seeing my fat, ugly face on the screen of their computers!! The only thing is I could not post multiple pictures per recording. I thought they had a slideshow feature, but I was wrong. I'm afraid the only way I could get anything similar to that feature is to create it myself on my computer. There's got to be a way! Maybe I'll find it someday.
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