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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Blessing

This may sound terrible to some viewers, but you've got to know the circumstances before making a judgement. My ma's best friend Nancy is losing her husband, Paeng. I heard the news today. He's got up to 10 days more to live and then he's gone. I said Good!! I know that sounds awful, but it really is a good thing. Paeng and Nancy were married, but they were not really husband and wife. He didn't love her!! He just loved her money. Nancy however never saw that. I remember when me, Nancy and Paeng used to all work in the same place, and Nancy told me that she wanted to marry Paeng after only knowing him for 3 weeks!! I told her, "After knowing a man for only 3 weeks, I'm not even holding his hand yet!!" Then I met Paeng, and I did not like him at all!! My instincts kicked in, and said he's not a good person.

Well, as usual, my instincts were right! I warned Nancy not to marry him, I didn't think he was right for her. But a month after telling me she just met him 3 weeks ago, Nancy married him. Despite my begging and pleading with her not to. Right away I began to hear some stories from Nancy about what Paeng did to her. He would call her names in relation to her size (she's kinda chunky, but Paeng made out like she was 500 pounds or so). He also made her pay for everything, never once treated her to nothing. Then finally Nancy told me that Paeng revealed to her that he once lost $20,000 gambling in one year. Nancy laughed about that, but I didn't. It is not a good thing when someone tells you they lost $20,000 gambling!!! That should have raised a red flag to Nancy, but Nancy is like a newborn baby. She has no instincts, and no sense of danger. And she always gets taken because of it! Without fail! I was that way before I finally said a couple years ago that I was never going to ignore my instincts again, I don't care what!! I won't even spend $10 gambling! LOL! I have my limits and I know them, and I don't go too far. Keep that in mind when I go to the casino tomorrow. hehe!

Well, Paeng was diagnosed with liver, bone and spinal cancer, and now has only 10 days to live. I say good riddance. He was useless anyway, never did nothing for Nancy. The only time he did any favors for her was when she paid him, and he would make her pay him! Nancy had to work hard for that money too. Paeng never did anything, he didn't work, he just sat around the house, he'd never help Nancy, again unless she paid him. He even made her give him gas money just to go to the corner market to pick up a carton of milk. You can wager that he did not buy gas every day when Nancy would give him money. He'd get gas once and then the money he'd get the rest of the week from her, he'd send to his relatives. Particularly his sis in law, who also refuses to work and raise her own money. Meantime, Nancy has nothing for herself.

Well, Nancy told Paeng's sis in law that he's dying, and she wanted Nancy to pay for a $3000 urn to have his cremated remains put into. Ma told Nancy to say NO!! She told her "For once in your life, stand firm!!" I agree! It's so simple. But Nancy is afraid I guess of standing up for what she believes in. Not good, because it has allowed other people to walk all over her over the years. She thinks she cannot live without a man, but she can. She does not need the kind of men she seems to always be attracted to, like Paeng. I knew he wasn't right for her, and I always told her so. But she didn't listen.

What I am afraid of now is that Nancy is going to turn around, now that ma's not there, and pay for the $3000 urn that Paeng's sis in law wants. Ma told Nancy to tell her if she wants the $3000 urn, then she can pay for it herself, and that should shut her up! I'm sitting here hoping that Nancy does it. Then there is another problem, there's another man who is Paeng's friend, he's homeless, doesn't work, and he said to Nancy he will take care of her after Paeng is dead. But even Paeng told Nancy not to trust him. I said he must be really bad if even Paeng doesn't trust him. Ma was hoping Nancy would shoo that one away, and tell him that she doesn't need him to look after her. I hope so too, because he's just going to take advantage of her if she does let him in. Ma said that if Nancy does take him in, then she will just wash her hands of Nancy. I personally would hate to see that happen. But at the same time, I'd hate to see Nancy throw her life away. She's going to go to school to become a CNA, and she has a promising future in that. She's good with people, sweet, friendly and she's got a strong back! So, I hope she does good in that. But first, she needs to get rid of Paeng and all his friends and relatives, and then she will go far. I cannot wait to see how well it works out for her!

So really, Paeng's death is a blessing in disguise. If everything goes down the path they're supposed to, Nancy will do good for the rest of her life.
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