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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Weekend

Well, it's been quite a week. I finally put the last sample book in place on the site. So now every book on the site has an available sample preview chapter. Well, all except the one about my experiences as an INXS fan. I just don't really know how to fix up a sample chapter of that one, it's not in comic book format like the others. I also have not yet figured out how to create a sample of the comics collection. So, I guess I should say MOST every story has a sample there. The comics collection is something I have to discuss with my super. May take a while.

My ma got fired from her job at the Ramada here in OS. Just as well though, they did not treat her right. The supervisor kept on complaining (most of the time in a round-about way) that she had to sit down on the job. Ma said that she actually saw that building up ever since she had to be out of work because of the urinary tract infection she had. But she could not help that! That happened all of a sudden. That was a fiasco from the get-go! Ma had let that go too long because she could not afford to have a hospital visit. But I made her go anyway, I practically had to pick her up and throw her in the car! She was in pain, you could see it in her face. I wanted to take her the night before, but she said she was too tired. But she had a bad night that night, and never got to sleep. So, she should have went anyway that night. But as for the Ramada, ma is better off without them. She told me that another worker told her that the gossip that goes on there behind the scenes is bad!! I was thinking "It's like working for the delusional fans forum!" So yeah, ma's better off without them.

I think I found Tim's Facebook page! LOL! I actually sent a friend request thinking it was another Timmy fan, not Tim himself. That is until I looked and saw who his friends are and then I was like "oh my GOD!!" LOL! So why doesn't he have a MySpace? LOL! Well, I'm thinking he can say no if he wants to. He seems like the type to me that only accepts family and very close friends on those kinds of networks and he and I barely know each other, aside from pics and a few meetings. How embarrassing!!!! Well, heck! I'm still loyal to Timmy. His name just popped up on my Facebook home page and it said "Add as friend", and I thought it was another Timmy fan (Hutch fans use Michael's name all the time) so I clicked "Add as friend". LOL! Well, I even found out the guy I met last year, Lowell, has a Facebook. But I don't know how much he uses it. I sent him a request, and I have not heard anything back from him. Probably won't. Tim probably won't accept me either. But that's OK. I don't know how often he gets on Facebook either.
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