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Monday, May 11, 2009

Groucho's Day


Well, it is Groucho's Day. A day I set aside to celebrate the life of my beautiful Groucho. I still miss her so much!! I think next year, I am going to do something a little bit different. I always use the song "Wish You Were Here" sung by Marty Casey. I think next year I'll use INXS's own "By My Side", which basically means the same thing. It's a beautiful song, and also describes my feelings about Groucho, because she was always by my side when I needed her the most. That is what I miss about her. Vegas is a little more independant. He's by my side when he wants to be. LOL!

I remember a lot of things happened after my Groucho passed. One good thing that happened is that it encouraged me to begin a makeshift "Tim Farriss appreciation society". What I call my Timmy-Love Space. There is a reason for that too. After I lost my Groucho, as is so typical when I am feeling bad, I watched my INXS videos and played a lot of their music, and once again, it was Tim who made me feel good again. That's why I love that man so much!! I know Tim could not have any knowledge of how good he made me feel. But the important thing is I did. He put a smile on my face when I needed it most. Usually, that was Groucho's job. But for a while after she passed, to think of her was a sore spot for me. It was a deep void that only Timmy could fill at that time. Since I didn't have my Grouch, the one person who could make me laugh and smile again was Tim Farriss. And I knew it. That is why I am grateful for all my INXS videos I have. And grateful that Tim is still Tim and o-so funny and cute!

I'm not saying Tim was my ultimate replacement for Groucho. I mean, no one could replace Groucho. No one will ever take her place in my heart and soul. Just won't happen.

You know there aren't many breeders anymore. I was thumbing through the internet and I found some old sites I used to look into regularly, usually just for the Hell of it. Some of the more knowledgable sites devoted to chihuahuas are Tanya's Toys and Kandee's Chihuahuas. I found something interesting on Tanya's site, she says the merle chihuahuas are in fact not accepted by the CCA, but that they just decided not to alter the standard not to include them. Well, I hate to argue with her but there are merles now winning in the ring. I would never breed for merles, as I think something like that is better left to those who know the ins and outs better, but I have seen some nice merles out there. Some of the nicest-looking merle chihuahuas I've ever seen were bred by Sunset Kennels. I recently saw their ad in Dogs USA. When I read through it, I saw where she wrote "Looking for a Taco Bell lookalike? You won't find it here!" I thought "She ripped off my line!!" LOL! That line has been on my site since the beginning (2002). But you know what? I don't even care. First of all, I'm not breeding anymore so that line doesn't matter on my site anymore. Second, at least that breeder is doing good by the breed. She has some nice dogs. Even merles, like I said before. I'd rather someone who is doing good by the breed steal my words than someone who would not do good by the breed and just use those words to make false promises to their clients.

I know I bad-mouth show breeders a lot! That's not news! It almost would seem hypocritical of me to say that they do well by their dogs. But I have never denied they do good by their dogs! I've never denied that if a person is going to buy a dog, buy from a good breeder (IF you can get past their unpredictable attitudes). It's not their canine skills I question, it's their people skills. But some things are totally undeniable! If you love purebreeds, but don't want to deal with the health problems most of them seem to be infamous for, buy from a reputable breeder. I wasn't a show breeder, but I was reputable. I had a lifetime guarantee with my dogs that even now, I still hold up to. I do not breed anymore so I cannot offer anyone a replacement, but I am always willing to buy back any unwanted dogs bred by me. No matter what age they are. That way, the previous owner could use the money to buy another dog from another breeder.
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