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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Knew Danny Would Win!

There was no reason Danny shouldn't have won this season's Hell's Kitchen, he was good, one of the better cooks. Toward the middle of the series, I started thinking that the 2 finalists would be Ben and Andrea, then I saw the improvment in Danny's performance. I knew then that he was going to be this year's winner. After he won, he was wishing his mom could be there to cheer him on. I say his mom is now in Heaven looking down on him and smiling. I believe our loved ones can really see us from above, even though we think they are totally gone. I still believe my grandma can look down and see my progress and is smiling on me.

It was interesting that Chef Ramsay brought back some of the old contestants, I was shocked to see Lacey there!! I was like, why did he bring her back? To sabotage the chef who gets her? I was thinking the whole time she was going to drop the pans and retreat to her bed, like she always does! Surprisingly, VERY surprisingly, she didn't. But I think she came awfully close to doing just that! She hadn't changed at all, she's still a whiny-ass little bitch. She kept saying she's not a bitch, that she is a nice person. I kept saying "Well, if that's true, PROVE the others wrong!!" But she did stick to her post. I'm glad. But Danny won! I knew he would.

Well, Danny's win was a bittersweet moment. The sad thing now is I no longer have Hell's Kitchen to look foreward to on Thursday nights. Without it, there is now only TruTV goodies on. But heck, they're funny! They consist of Speeders, and Smoking Gun. Now, I cannot wait until next year, when Hell's Kitchen goes at it again. This is actually the second time I knew who was going to win Hell's Kitchen before they won. I knew who was going to win last season too. Roc was a darn good cook, and like me, paid attention to details. I pay much more attention to details now than I did a couple of years ago. But I think I am wearing down. Time to break in the Ginkoba again!! LOL! Hey man! That stuff really works!!
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