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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Loved It!

Ya know, I actually loved it that INXS did the Rockstar: INXS series. People have been downing on them just because they did that and that was how JD Fortune was recruited to their band. People mock it and make fun of it, and I'm like, I really don't give a shit! I loved it that they did the Rockstar series!! It was the best summer of my life! Without it, I would have just sat around and complained back then about how fricken hot it was!!! LOL!! I never even noticed the heat. Well, Tim makes me feel hot and spicy anyway, so how would I have been able to tell the difference between a weather-front or an act of Timmy? LOL!

Now, I look back on my Rockstar series and sometimes I feel sad that it is all over and there won't be any more summers like that. Make fun if you will, but I enjoyed that series!!! I'm also just so sad that it ended with JD the way it did after all they went through. And as hard as JD worked for that to try and impress them. But I think most of that is their manager's doing, not their's. I don't blame the men of INXS. I like Chris Murphy, but really, he needs to get a grip with JD. JD was a good singer and great for their band.

I had no clue if Brandon Flowers would be actually joining the band INXS or not, I was on the fence about it, trying to see something in this new album they are coming out with. Seems more people now like the Killers and not INXS. But not me! Flowers is still too young for me. Sorry, that's all I see. Nothing else. I can have friends that much younger, and I don't mind it. One of them, Katrina, is my best friend, and she's much younger than Brandon Flowers!!! But to see them as rock icons, and look up to them as such, no. It ain't a-gonna happen! Not with me. The sad thing is there's never going to be another INXS. Brandon Flowers is downright fugly compared to Tim (even compared to JD!) He looks to emo for me. Plus, I don't like too much guyliner on the eyes. A little is OK, but too much makes a guy look weird!!!!

Well, that's just me. I'll never get into these bands run by a bunch of young sprigs. Too many young people today have gone emo. Not my style!!! At least with the men of INXS, most of them are very handsome! I cannot explain why it is INXS keeps coming out with remakes of their back catalogue, as I am not INXS and I cannot speak for them. But hey, if that's what they want to do I am all for it! I love their back catalogue anyway. I just wonder if they are going to keep the rights to Pretty Vegas. Those were JD's lyrics after all. But if INXS want to do a tribute album in honor of Michael, I say go for it gorgeous!!!!! I'll still be there in line to purchase a copy! I love these guys, nothing will change that. As long as they don't kick me out of the concerts (which they'd have no reason to, as I'd never hurt anybody or anything) I will always follow and look up to these guys. Of course understand if Tim goes with another group, I'll have to change to going to that groups' concerts. LOL! What can I say? I'm truly a Timmy fan!! He is the main reason I am still clinging to INXS fanhood now.
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