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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Story!

I have another story posted on the UMG Productions site. It's Gracie's Odyssey. I highly recommend it, it's one of our masterpieces!! There's only one problem, it's such a large file, I could not get it to upload onto the site. I tried several times, and it just wouldn't upload. So, I had no choice but to make it available only as a paperback. You can order it just like any other book on the site, and once the order is placed, it will be sent through lulu.com to the address on your account. Gracie's Odyssey is one of the stories I have that is INXS inspired. Me and Cairo worked on it back in 1997, right after Michael passed. It's kinda indirectly inspired by INXS. Cairo knew how much I loved INXS, and how devastated I was after Michael died. Well, in a symbollic way, he is in this story. It's complicated to get into, but it turns out to be a cool story!

We are still discussing a nation-wide tour for the site. It may be some time next year. On my end, it's going to be fun! All I need are body guards in place now, just in case. I'm working with my supervisor on some sample versions of each story. Each one will be about 8 to 10 pages long, and gives a little bit of a look of what each story will be about. Those will be freebies, but they won't be the whole stories, only a small part, more likely the beginning before the plot comes into play. I don't want to give away too much of the stories. I'm thinking 10 pages is too much, but they could be less. For shorter stories, we'd have to go for less than that.

I still need ISBNs man!!! But that comes a little bit later on. :) I will get them before the tour for sure.
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