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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Voice and Video Blog: How I Became Me


I always wanted to tell the story of how I became who I am in a voice and video blog. Cool! I wasn't always the outspoken liberal I am now. I used to be very mellow, way back when social networks were still a very new thing. Then I discovered pet forums, and they changed me forever. Mostly in a way that most people don't like or cannot handle. Here I tell the story in a somewhat humorous way. Anyway, it looks funnier with pictures and recordings.

Groucho's Day is coming up. It's a family day, and that is the day I celebrate Groucho's life. This time, I did it with another voice and video blog. I am currently working on it. I do hope Marty Casey doesn't mind that I used his song again. The same song I dedicate to her every year. It describes so well how I feel, and how I've been since I lost her. This time, I added pics of my baby to the song. I felt it was only appropriate. Besides, I love how he sang it. I think it sounds better than the original version!!
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