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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Book is DONE!!!!

Well, I'd say the toughest job in working on this book was doing the index pages. But the book is finally finished!!! This past weekend I was working like a woman possessed!!! It took all day all weekend to complete this book. But now, it's got everything. I included even an acknowledgements section that lists kennel clubs and organizations. That is where I got most of the info for this book. It's only right that I list the kennel clubs. I only listed the reputable kennel clubs, like AKC. I didn't include any clubs like APRI or Continental KC. But then everyone by now should know that I have nothing to do with those registries, so I won't list them in my book.

Well, I've just put the finishing touches on the cover this morning and now I have a full printable book! Cool! The book is going to cost me $113! This is why I won't sell printed copies to the public. I'm kinda on the fence about selling it in e-book fashion. E-books are cheaper than printed copies though. But then I guess that price isn't so bad, look at the Atlas of Dog Breeds, by TFH Publications. That book costs a pretty penny too. Basically all it is is a picture book of dog breeds. It does talk about the history and character of each breed, but not to the extent that I do. Plus I put in information about choosing puppies, finding the right breeder, puppy mills, I even talk about mixes. Well, I had to put in a little article about the myths and facts about mixed breeds so someone would know. I even go into deep discussions about health care and nutrition, and even talk about senior dogs and how to care for them. I learned a lot too having reworked this book! I didn't realize how much I had forgotten until I had to type everything from my old copy to this new one.

Well, anyway, the book is done. Thank goodness!! I'm planning another book here soon. All about horses, my second love.
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