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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Hell With PETA!

They are so ridiculous! I recently heard they are now going to protest the "fish throwers" at Pike Place Market! They said that throwing fish was animal cruelty. Nevermind that the fish are dead and cannot feel it! What a bunch of dumbasses!!! I'll tell you if this is what going vegetarian does to your brain then I am certainly happy that I am a meat-eater! I may be a little bit slower than the average meat eater, but I know not to pull a lot of the stupid BS that PETA pulls! Have you seen their latest game? They took the Oleson twins and called them the "Trollson Twins" and they have a game where you dress them up in furs and red-stained clothing. They're angry because the Oleson twins would not support them in their stupid cause. So they created that game to make fun of them. I mean really! I know the Oleson twins are not that attractive, but to call them the "Trollson twins"? That's just plain stupid! So is their campaign against the fish-throwers at PPM, and even their protest at an AKC dog show! They think even the breeding of purebreed dogs is animal cruelty.

Speaking of which, you'd better get all the pets you think you'll ever need now. Because I read somewhere that PETA is getting the government to pass a bill saying that you cannot breed pets anymore. PETA is getting it passed through congress, and you know Obama is dumb enough to sign the bill!! Sometimes I don't think he ever reads the bills he is passing! PETA doesn't want anyone to breed purebreed dogs, they want everyone to own mutts from the pound. While in some ways that is a nobile gesture, think of the future of pets. In 10 years time, there will be no more dogs and cats at all. Except for maybe ferals, and ferals don't always make good pets. Sometimes they take weeks of getting accustomed to living inside the home. I seriously do not like these PETA jerks! I think they go too far! And they're just plain dumb!

I remember some months ago, there was this guy on Facebook named Chris Grant, from Hamilton, Ontario. Could have been a fake name. But he said he hated meat eaters. Then he called me a sadist who likes to see animals in pain (because I eat meat). Then this is the funny part: He said that I was slandering him because I said he's one of those PETA supporters! LOL!! I told him to go ahead and call his lawyer. He said so many things that were in conjunction to what PETA fights for that I found it totally unfeasible that he was not indeed a PETA supporter. Or a supporter of one of those kind of ARA organizations! Just the fact that he thought everyone should agree with everything he said and believed him and follow his example was proof enough for me. I told him we were made to eat meat, and that is what I am going to do. Chimpanzees ate meat, and they are our closest wild relatives, and they do eat meat on occasion. He argued that the Bonobo (or pygmy chimpanzee) is actually our closest relative and he said, NOT me! He said that they are solely vegetarian. Well, surprise! Surprise! Bonobos eat just as much meat as common chimpanzees! And us! Well most of us. I tend to eat more meat daily than a lot of other people do. I told the people in that group that I am ignoring Chris from now on because he admitted that he liked to argue and "hand people their asses", and I would not give him that satisfaction. So, I began to ignore him. I just whisked right by his posts, didn't look nor nothing! LOL! Besides, I found most of his arguments were nothing but BS anyway. Just like those of PETA. He only spoke half-truths and outright lies. And then the only half of the truths he spoke were the half that made him and his beliefs sound authentic. Again, just like PETA.

I'll tell you, I don't want to be a vegetarian if that is an example of what it does to your brain!! I have enough fricken brain-problems as it is now!! LOL!! I don't need it to get worse than it is!
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