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Friday, June 5, 2009

It's About Time!!!

Ma just phoned me to tell me that our friend Nancy's husband Paeng finally died this morning. It's about time!! Believe me, my heart does not bleed for him. He got what he deserved, the way that he treated Nancy that whole time they were married. And I knew she should not have married him! I knew he wasn't right for her from the beginning. But let's face it, Nancy always gets hooked up with losers. I love her a lot, she's a sweet person and a wonderful friend, but she's always attracted to losers! I always thought the only way Nancy was going to finally be rid of Paeng is if he dies. Now, Nancy is a free woman!

I hope she learned something from this so-called marriage! So many red flags should have gone up in the beginning. The biggest being he wanted to marry her after only knowing her for 3 weeks! Nancy thought that would be a good thing, but I didn't. I kept urging her to get to know him a little bit longer. She joked, saying "I'm old, I can't wait too long." I don't really like prying into the lives of my friends, but when I see a friend about to make a terrible mistake, I have to say something!! Whether they like it or not. I know I shouldn't, I've lost several friends over something like that, but I cannot help it! I only do it because I don't like to see my friends get hurt or make wrong choices. And in the course of this marriage, Paeng has tried to kill Nancy twice!

I was shocked, though not surprised, when Nancy told me he ran over her with his car! Fortunately she wasn't hurt too bad. He just ran over her foot. He said next time, it'll be her head he runs over. And what was the purpose for this assault on Nancy's foot? Nancy was standing outside, talking to a friend, and did not get back in the car when Paeng told her to. Paeng was not known for patience!! Still didn't make it right though! That was just one incident. He also tried to poison her. I remember she was in the hospital for a week from that incident.

And it wasn't like Nancy wasn't forewarned either! Aside from my warnings to her, every body who knew Paeng, at the factory where we used to work, all said he was no good, and tried to convince Nancy of such. She never listened to them. And those people at that job all knew Paeng for something like 10 years. He'd been working there that long. It's not like they only knew Paeng for a week, or a month, or only knew him based on things he said on an internet blog or forum or something like that. No. Those people worked with Paeng, side-by-side, for 10 years!! They should have known him better than anyone. Certainly better than Nancy did. I didn't even know Paeng, and never heard anything of him at the time I first met him, but I could tell just from being in his presence that he was no good. Especially after Nancy told me he wanted to marry her and they'd only known each other for 3 weeks. That's a definite red flag!!!

Nancy is too trusting, and I personally know that can get you burned worse than anything. I was that way until I finally put my foot down and said I don't care what, from now on I am NEVER ignoring my instincts again!! My problem was I didn't like to prejudge people, I like giving people I don't know a chance. But it always got me burned. So I said after the last incident that's never going to happen again. If I even dream someone is betraying my trust, then out their asses go! They got no business being in my life. Just as Paeng had no business being in Nancy's life.

Well, just as any jerk should, Paeng is gone, Good riddance, and Nancy is a free woman!! I'm happy for her. I hope Nancy isn't grieving too much. Because now she can really live. She can go to school and learn the trade she wants now. Me, I've got no time to think of much else than the fact my chair arrives tomorrow. :)
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