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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update On My Book

Well, my book is getting done. I am just today finishing up the terrier section. So the groups I've done so far have been the greyhounds (yes, I separate them from the hounds), the herding group, the toy breeds, the hounds, and now the terriers. Next is the sporting breeds, or gun dogs. That's the group I dislike the most. I don't like gun dogs at all! Except for the spaniels, like cockers. But things like labradors, golden retrievers, setters, german shorthairs, I can't stand those breeds!! UGH!!! So working on this group is going to be boring. But I'm going to do it right. I said when I started this project that in describing each breed, I wasn't going to be prejudice.

Oh speaking of dogs, Eva finally took the step and got her children an old english mastiff. Already I am hearing about how "the damn dog shits on the floor!" LOL!!! Eva's just not used to dogs. She's always been a cat person. Eva says she still looks in on the Pluba forums. I told her about meeting Metalraptor and him telling me how I get all freaky sometimes, and I think the cause of it was my looking in on the Pluba and SE forums, so I told her that I stopped looking in on forums at all. I haven't even lurked on any forums since I met him, let alone post on any. There are some forums I used to go into, and stopped. The Rockband lounge, that was the most useless forum I've ever been on! I only went in there a very few times, and most of those times was waaaaaaay back in 2006. They were the most unfriendly people I've ever seen! They won't talk to you unless you are in a certain "clique" and I am not, and don't want to be, in any cliques. At least the people on the Pluba forum give newbies more of a chance (since Rose stopped going in there). Most of them anyway. There are a few on there who don't get to know you for themselves, but instead let others tell them who they think is good or not and those people will actually believe it. I don't know why Eva still looks in there. She was telling me about a few posts and I was like "I really don't want to hear about them." Because if I do, I'll be tempted to say something, and I cannot. Metalraptor won't let me go into that "freaky" stage again!

Sometimes it is so frustrating when you want to say something and can't. But I found out not only is Metalraptor reading this, but my supervisor as well!! Trisha will burn my butt if I get too much like that. So, I need to work on my attitude. I can still cling to my opinions though. LOL! That's one thing I won't do is let go of my beliefs. Never again! I learned my lesson there! hehe! But sometimes I want to say something to some people, but I'm so afraid if I do, I'll go into that freaky stage again. But it is OK for them to get freaky if they want to, and they all have. The latest is someone who signed my chihuahua's guestbook, only that person made the entry private. I can always put it on public setting if I want to. But I wanted to respond to that person, and I didn't, because first of all, I thought what was the point? LOL!! It's private she can't read any responses. Even if it wasn't private, I can't say anything cuz my supervisor might read it!! I don't know if she looks in on my chihuahua site though. The post did have that person's e-mail, but it was a freebie e-mail account, and most likely a bogus one. Besides, I'm not going to take the chance if this person is a bad person (and I believe she was) and getting my ISP #. There were some things this person said that if she were actually a good person, she never would have said them. So, my instincts kicked in again, and said she's no good! So there is no way I'd ever e-mail her!!! LOL! I haven't even updated the address on my chihuahua site!! Just because I don't want people like that to find me.

Can you tell I am somewhat paranoid? LOL!! I think I've gotten worse because of Groucho dying the way she did. I never did find out who killed her, and I don't want to take any chances with Vegas and Odessa. It's all for their protection.

Speaking of which, I got my easy chair and I LOVE it!!!!!! It is BIG! Almost too big for this tiny little apartment! LOL! But at least I can sit comfortably in it, have both dogs up here and my computer all at the same time. It's wonderful. Now, if I am working on my computer, I can just reach over and pet the dogs if I want to, and I very often do, because they're right beside me. hehe! Took forever to get here on Saturday! I knew I was going to be dead last on their list of deliveries because we live way out in the middle of nowhere practically. It was between 5:30 and 6 PM when they arrived, and it was a good thing they did, I was getting tired of waiting. Anyway, I love this chair! It's the best chair ever! hehe! It also gets HOT!!! I thought that by having it in suede that I can keep cool in warm weather! But no, this chair gets HOT it's self! I still love it though. I cannot wait 'till ma comes back home and sees it.

Well, off to work some more on my book.
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