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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Commercial Icons

I've been spending my last few days watching a lot of the old commercials on YouTube (as well as some other things). I notice they had something in the old days that they don't have anymore. Those cute little icons. Maybe it's just because I don't really watch kids networks anymore but I haven't seen commercials that have those cartoon characters anymore. Like the Trix rabbit, or the Coo-coo Bird who goes coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. All those icons are gone now. Know why? I think I once heard that the cereal companies are dropping them because they were too attractive to kids, and the foods they stood for were deemed too unhealthy. So now the advertisement companies want to elaborate more on healthier foods and possibly create cute icons to promote things like fruits and veggies. Actually we did have some cartoon icons advertising those kinds of things when I was a kid too. They just didn't play them that often. But you know what? Everyone ate those sugary cereals when I was a kid, and it was hard to find fat children when I was growing up. They were much rarer then than they are today.

What the advertising companies and food industry doesn't seem to understand is that changing the cereal icons is not going to make much of a difference. The reason kids today are not as healthy as they were when I was growing up (in a World where there were cartoony-cereal icons out the wazoo) is because these days, kids are not safe! They are living in a World that video games dominate, and computers and internet. Kids don't go out and play, ride their bikes, or even walk to their friends' houses anymore. Parents are paranoid that their kids are going to be kidnapped, raped or murdered if they are left on their own. And most kids these days just prefer to sit in the house and play video games until they get tired. That is why there are so many overweight children these days! It's got nothing to do with the food! We're eating the same way now as we did when I was little. And when I was little there were very few fat children. And I mean VERY FEW!!

I also managed to find a program that I have not seen since I was a kid. It was a program called Pinwheel. I found bits and pieces of the program, the theme song and some of the cartoon skits they used to play. I sure do miss that show! I know I am too old for that now, but I sure would love to see that show again. Made me feel good finding some of the old bits they used to play. I tried to find that show on DVD. One of the posters said they had that show on DVD, and I tried to find it, but I couldn't. That was the OLD school Nickelodeon. That was back when Nick was cool! Now, it just SUCKS!!! Nick toons are nothing but shitty bits of bull, that teaches the kids nothing of life or educational value. Only how to be disrespectful and crude. Ya know, I was never a fan of Johnny Depp, but when I heard he was participating in the new Spongebob movie, the last little bit of respect I had left for the man just went totally down the tube!!! I couldn't believe he would agree to do shit like that!! Totally ruined his image for me!!!

Ya know I'm probably the only woman on the planet that does NOT think Johnny Depp is all that great looking. He's not my type. He's just too skinny. I like men with some meat on their bones. I love Tim Farriss!!!! The closest celeb in my age group that I think is as handsome as Timmy is a man named Chris Pontius, from Jackass. Now he is what I call CUTE!!!! But the reason I think he is so cute is because he just reminds me so much of Timmy! And he looks simply delicious with his hair long!! I even loved it when Timmy had long hair. But Pontius is just what I like. He's got that "dangerous" look in his eyes. He's not too skinny, just the right amount of meat on his bones. He's got nice, long, curly hair. He's got terrific buns, and he likes to show them off!!! The only thing I don't like about him is he's a vegetarian! UGH!! I hope to GOD he's not a PETA supporter!!

Speaking of which, would you believe PETA has gotten over 7000 signatures for their "sea kitten" petition??? I was amazed!! I was amazed there are actually 7000 stupid dipshits in this World!!! Geez! No wonder we are having the worst time electing a good president! All the good people are dead!! With 7000 or so signatures on a petition like that, doesn't make me too comfortable knowing we live in a society like that! Speaking of PETA and the president, now PETA is pissed off at Obama for swatting a fly on television during an interview. HA!! They even call that animal cruelty. Geez man!! Get over it!! If a fly gets in my house the one thing I'm going to be guaranteed to do is everything I can to kill it!! I hate flies!! Flies are carriers of some nasty diseases, and they get on your food and puke up their last meal (which most likely was animal droppings or the remains of a nearby roadkill). Flies deserve to be swatted!

Anyway, PETA being pissed off at Obama may be a blessing in disguise. Now he won't vote for their ridiculous campaign to end pet ownership! haha!!! PETA roped themselves out of that one but good!!!

Anyway, have any of you viewers even seen those ridiculous sea-kitten stories? Apparently, according to PETA, fish are secretly in their underwater homes, plotting revenge against land kittens and us for living such comfortable lives free of violence. LOL!! Oh my! Is there no end to the lengths these people will go to to make themselves look ridiculous?? I can't even believe PETA even still has supporters! Only the dumbest of the dumb clucks would support PETA. Me? I just like to laugh at them.
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