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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Happy Camper

Well, a long-time dream has come true today, I got myself a Bose Wave Music System!! I've always wanted a stereo from Bose, I've heard so much about them! Most of what I've heard is you can get big stereo sound, and it's not much bigger than an average clock-radio. It's not much bigger, but believe me, it's a lot heavier than it looks! I had to have one to see for myself. I sold my bigger stereo last weekend at the yard sale, I'm trying to downsize now since we live in a rather small apartment. Getting this stereo from Bose was another step in my downsizing program for this house. I love it too! When those commercials say you can get big sound, believe me when I say they ain't kidding!! The sound is like nothing I've ever heard before outside of a commercial movie theater! I love this stereo, I ordered it the day I sold my old stereo, and I just got it tonight. Fast service if you ask me!! Less than a week. The sound is so crisp and clear, it attracted Odessa's attention, and my old stereo couldn't do that!

I made a big, stupid mistake with selling my old stereo though, I forgot to include the damn remote control!!!! UGH!! When I saw that remote on my bed, where it always layed, after I had sold the stereo, I was like "Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I feel so bad, and the worst thing is now I have no way of getting in touch with the person who bought that stereo! I don't even have a clue if that person was a resident of this town or a visitor! Well, she cannot do very much without the remote control. I can only hope if she is a resident that she comes back and tries to get the remote from me, or if she was a visitor to this town, that she comes back again next year or something. The remote is now sitting in our hall closet, waiting to be reunited with the stereo, if that buyer ever decides to come back for it. I feel so bad! The night before I kept telling myself not to forget the remote when I set my stereo out! I kept saying it over and over again! And what happens? I put the stereo out and completely forgot about the damn remote!!! Well, it is still here, and it will always be here. Until that buyer comes back to claim it, or I just get tired of looking at it. I only wish I knew where she was from at least!

Well, I finally got my Bose stereo, and I couldn't be happier. This has been a great month for me. First I get my Bose stereo that I've been wanting for years, then along comes Minnie! Minnie is the latest member of my little "pack". She's an ex-breeder papillon dog, and I love her to pieces!!! She's got some champion lines, so she's a good-looking papillon! I love the breed! She's registered as a red and white, but she looks more lemon and white. Her red is very pale. I don't know if paps' colors dull with age like with some chihuahuas, but Minnie looks more lemon than red. I love her ears!!! I had the option to buy her as a breeder, but Anna and I said no. I don't care to do that again. Anna won't let me anyway. LOL! I just got her as a loving pet. Minnie is younger than Odessa, only 4 years old. So she has a lot of good years left in her to just be a lap top friend.

Now, I am thinking about getting a domain name for this blog. Maybe next month. I've been thinking of it for some time. We'll see though. I was putting some of my old home movies onto DVDs and I happened to noticed that I put on film one of my old pics of INXS, one of my favorites! I had to throw that pic away recently and I felt so bad about that too! Timmy looked so handsome! But it got faded (too much time in the sun I guess). It was the same pic as this:

I miss that pic! Timmy looks so good there! I miss his "cowboy" look. hehe! But I had to throw it away. I cannot even find it on ebay dammit!! Another thing I noticed, I was STUCK on Michael back then! Much more so than I am now. Oh well. Times and people change.
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