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Monday, July 20, 2009

Horses.........and More Horses!

All weekend this weekend, I've been working on a book about horses of the world. I'm stuck on the ponies section (I'm trying to go down the line). It's fairly easy, except for finding any info on some of the really remote breeds. And there are some breeds of horse that are so rare, and most of them come from the Orient. I'm still looking for some info on some breeds. Of all the breeds of horses there are, I think I like the Falabella best of all! It's the smallest horse in the World, and it looks like this:

Like small dogs, small horses also tend to have a "baby doll" face! I like that too! It's what made me get into chihuahuas in the first place. That's why I don't go for the Taco-Bell lookalikes. They're ratty-like things. Give me a chihuahua with a sweet, saucy, baby doll expression any day of the week! Well, also like the dog book, I am trying to keep things professional. I don't get prejudice when talking about things I dislike. But then again, what is to dislike about a horse? I'm a horse lover. I love them better than dogs! I just cannot have one out here and it sucks!! Oh well, you cannot really cuddle with a horse like you can with a chihuahua. And they have to stay outside.
Looking at the work I have ahead of me, I hope I can get this done in time. I have 2 weeks now to finish. Or at least half-way finish! I hope I can get it done. I am so proud of that dog book I wrote, I want to feel the same way about this horse book. I've never written a horse book before! I love horses but I've never written a book about them before. So, I want to do this one right. It's tough writing a book for the first time. When you write it a second time, things are different. You can then see the mistakes you made with the first writing. Like the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. It worked well with the dog book, this was the second time I wrote that book, and I noticed a lot of things I missed from the first printing of that book. Besides the fact that most of the pics I used sucked. But they were probably taken back when cameras were not as good as they are today.
Well, I have an advantage with the horses. This is my first printing of this book. Of course both this and the dog book will be updated periodically, much like Walker's Mammals of the World. They have a new printing about once every 10 years. I'm hoping to do the same with these books because new breeds are being recognized all the time. I have to keep up. With the dogs, I wanted to have at least one pic of each breed. I'm finding that is pretty tough with horses. I have several picture sites I buy from and stuff, and they don't have every breed available. Some breeds are just too remote, or are only known from a few specimens.
So I wonder what everyone is thinking of Obama now? The man is making friends with countries that hate us. Who knows what he is plotting with them. He's got to have a reason for making friends with them. Plus, he's using the government funds like he's a boy with his own little piggy bank and he wants to get all the money spent as fast as he can. I knew this would happen! Hopefully it'll get better. Now, talk about delusional!?!?!! LOL! Yes I know I am a bit delusional putting all my hopes in a president with the mind of a high school student, and having very little to no experience. But since he is now the one running our country, who else am I going to put my hopes in? I have no choice. I'm still thinking of leaving the country. A few things are stopping me though. First, WA state is the perfect place, I don't want to leave it. Ocean Shores is like no other place on Earth! This week, while Seattle is swealtering in the heat, we are going to be nice and cool here. We're always 20 degrees cooler than Seattle! There are no poisonous snakes or spiders here, though all spiders terrify me to death! I love it that just across the road from our house is the ocean! There's just no place like this place! If I moved, I'd have to leave all this behind.
One of the places I want to move to so badly has some of the worst beasts to put up with. Australia has some of the most venomous snakes and spiders of any country. I'd be scared to leave my house! I'd be constantly cleaning, with thick gloves on (preferably iron gloves) so not to get bitten because I'm telling you, I've never seen a worse nightmare than those funnel web spiders!! I can't stand them!!! I'd feel so much better if things like that were wiped off the face of the Earth. Snakes I can handle. At least they are bigger, and I can probably see them in time before they can get me. But spiders are too well hidden and they could crawl under my covers and I'd never see them until it's too late. Might hurt my babies too. Though I heard funnel web spiders are not as venomous to dogs as they are to humans. But still. I don't want to see my babies bitten! The only other place I'd move to would be the UK, and the crime rate is so high there! I don't want to deal with it. Besides all that, my family is here. Oh Lordy, what to do!!
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