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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

INXS And Rob Thomas

How do I feel about INXS teaming up with Rob Thomas for their next album? I say if that's what INXS wants to do, I'll support it all the way! I am trying to imagine Rob Thomas singing Never Tear Us Apart. I like Rob Thomas's voice alright, but can he sing INXS? Is he going to make the song his own, or is he going to sing it the way it was originally sang by Michael?

Oh boy! I am watching Hell's Kitchen tonight and Joseph was actually challenging Chef Ramsay! I've never seen that kind of shameless insubordination in my life!!! After watching how he was shitting on a master chef like Gordon Ramsay, does he really think anyone is going to want to hire him to work in their kitchen? Oh my GOD!!!! I don't like that character! You aren't supposed to challenge someone who knows better like that!! You just don't do it if you want to get anywhere in life. He got his butt kicked out! Thank GOD!!

Anyway, back to INXS. As I have said many times before (and meant it) I will always support INXS. I am just happy that they are still making music. I love these guys. I wonder how much longer it will be before they finally release this upcoming album? I wonder how much longer it will be before INXS.com comes back on the air? I'm kinda tired of going to the site and seeing "Under Construction". I am SOOOOOOOO glad that I did not sign up for another year on inxs.com!! I'd have been pissed if I had paid for a year's membership and this happened. I don't know what it is .com is waiting for!

Anyway, it sure will be good to see INXS releasing another album. Though it may be bittersweet. It may signal that this is their last album. I don't want to see INXS stop making albums!! What'll I do to get my Timmy fix if that happens?? There is no other band in the World like INXS. No other band has Timmy!! LOL! But I know about Rob Thomas, I used to like his music when he fronted Matchbox 20. I've got quite a few of their songs on my little MP3 player. I'm just trying to imagine him with INXS. I hope he does good.
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